Rainbow Six Siege: Battle Pass System Explained and Rewards

Why does it need a map?

by J.T. Isenhour

The battle pass system for Rainbow Six Siege has undergone a drastic change this season. The battle pass for Siege used to follow a normal system of having two lines, one premium and one free that would unlock rewards as you leveled up. For Operation Solar Raid, the whole system has been changed and has confused many players as they look at it for the first time. Let’s go over how the battle pass works in Rainbow Six Siege.

The Battle Pass and Map for Rainbow Six Siege

Many changes came with Operation Solar Raid, but none were as major as the battle pass system. This Siege battle pass used to be a simple system that worked like most other battle passes you would find: a simple two-track bar with one line having free rewards and one line having premium rewards. As you leveled up throughout the season you could claim the rewards at your current level.

However, this season the battle pass is a bit more complex. Now we have a large sprawling map and tokens that we can work with. At first glance, this can be quite overwhelming but it is quite simple once you get the hang of it. For every level you go up in the battle pass, you get a token. Each token can be used to unlock a new tile on the map.

You do still need to move in a line as you can only unlock a tile that is touching a tile you have already unlocked. So you can’t just grab the tile you want out of the middle of a group of items you don’t want to unlock. However, you can rush to either the top or bottom of the map to unlock the rewards that you want sooner.


There are also barricade points in the map that allow you to jump to different sections of the map without needing to spend a point on them. Thus allowing you to skip over operators that you don’t want to unlock cosmetics for but still get the later cosmetics in the line they are on.

The main issue is that you can’t use the map to navigate the battle pass. So it is quite easy to get lost in the large sprawling tiles as there are 250 of them in the grid. Although many of them are empty. You can bookmark tiles that have items you want to come back to for ease of access later. This will put a dot on the tile on the map to make getting back to it a bit simpler.

What Operators Are in the Battle Pass This Season

This season we have four different themes for the operators in the battle pass. The first theme we have gives Valkyrie, Mute, and Glaz a regal underwater theme. This gives all of their uniforms a nice ocean blue and a bit of white for foam as well as some golden laurels on their headgear to make them appear regal.

The second theme you will see around the battle pass is a very colorful Aztec theme. There are only two operators featuring these colorful uniforms, Iana and Zofia. You will need to choose between the new Iana elite skin and this uniform for her. The main issue with these uniforms is they are quite bright and make you easy to spot. Since they are only for attackers this isn’t as big of an issue but they will still give you away if you are trying to slip by unnoticed by any defenders.

The new Ghosteyes faction is coming out this season with the new operator. So the members of that unit are receiving uniforms to signify who is a part of this new unit. This includes Lesion, Caveria, and Solis. While Lesion and Solis’s uniforms are not too far from their standard look, Caveria’s Ghosteyes uniform gives her a whole new design.

The last cosmetic theme we have in the battle pass this time around is to commemorate the beginning of the Siege Internation for 2023. Maverick, Blitz, and Fuze will be wearing these uniforms. The design this year features a circuitry theme as the season is just beginning in the circuit stage.

Alongside all these new uniforms, we also have new drone skins that can be used. Previously, the only drone skin you could get was through Twitch’s elite skin and that only worked on Twitch’s special shock drones. The two drone skins in the battle pass can be unlocked and equipped onto all of the attackers’ drones, except Twitch’s shock drone.

This makes you wonder what will be given to defenders for a team-wide customizable. Maybe phone case skins for when they access cameras or skins for their utility gadgets like bulletproof cameras. The only drone skins in the game at the moment are quite simple as they are just generic camo but it won’t be long until some interesting event skins get added in.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 12th, 2022

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