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Red Dead Online – How to Bounty Hunt

Take the law into your own hands.

by William Schwartz


Bounty Hunting in Red Dead Online has you tracking down persons of interest in the game and bringing them to justice.  It’s one of the new roles that are available in Red Dead Online that allows you to earn cash for completing missions that require to track down targets and bring them to justice.

Like the other roles in Red Dead Online you need to get started as a Bounty Hunter by meeting an NPC in the world.  The Bounty Hunter role in Red Dead Online is started in Rhodes.  Outside of the Sheriff’s Office in the town you will trigger a cut-scene which introduces you to the role.  If you have Amazon Prime and have it linked to your Rockstar account this role is free, otherwise it will cost you 15 gold bars.

Once you start the Bounty Hunter role by purchasing the license you will have access to Bounty Boards in each town.  Access these by looking at the map and then finding the pink icons that have what looks like a wanted poster picture on them.  You’ll be able to select standard and legendary bounties when you visit these boards.  Completing bounties is one of the activities that you can complete that will help you get more gold in Red Dead Online.

Just about every major area in Red Dead Online has a bounty board.  You’ll find one in Rhodes, Saint Denis, Van Horn Trading Post, Emerald Station, Annesburg, Valentine, Riggs Station, Wallace Station, Strawberry, Blackwater, Armadillo, Benedict Point, and Tumbleweed.

Anytime you want to earn some gold, head to a bounty board and start one of these missions.  You’ll need to track this bounty target down and then either capture or kill them.  Once you’ve got them, you’ll need to take them to the sheriff’s office to collect your reward and complete the mission.

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