Redfall: How to Get Underboss Skulls and Access the Vampire God Lair

Time to go vampire hunting!

by Christian Bognar
Redfall Vampire Lair Skulls
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As you progress through Redfall, you will encounter glowing doors that lead to a Vampire God’s Lair. These are the main bosses of the area, and to enter the doors, you need to collect three Underboos Skulls first. How do you find these Vampire Skulls? The good news is that each door follows the same steps to acquire the skulls and involves safehouse missions. Here is how you can collect three underboss skulls for every Vampire God Lair you encounter.

Where to Find Underboss Skulls in Redfall

You must complete the two missions within a safehouse to get an underboss skull. The first mission changes depending on the safe house, but the second mission is always to kill a particular vampire. Once you kill the specific vampire — it will drop its skull, where you can pick it up and add it to your inventory. Every time you complete the two missions in a safe house — you will be rewarded with an underboss skull.

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How to Find Safe Houses

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You must collect underboss skulls a few times throughout Redfall’s main story. The good news is that there are plenty of safe houses — meaning there will always be a way to obtain more underboss skulls. Keep in mind, if you are having trouble finding safehouses in Redfall, keep exploring, and your character will say out loud that there is a safe house nearby. Once located, the safehouse will appear on your map, represented by a house logo. Each region has one safe house.

When hunting for the particular vampire during the safe house’s second mission, a pro tip is to bring a stake launcher — as strong as possible. These stake launchers will take down these vampires quickly, making this mission a breeze. Purple or Gold tiered Stake Launchers have the potential to kill vampires within one or two shots! If you still find killing these vampires challenging, invite a friend to help you out.

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- This article was updated on May 2nd, 2023

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