Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon Boss Guide: How to Beat Rennala in Elden Ring

The Witch Queen will be your second tough task.

by William Schwartz


Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is going to be the second “big” boss fight that you encounter in Elden Ring as the witch holds yet another Great Rune as well as a hidden ability to unlock.  This multi-stage boss fight can be hard to figure out at first but in this guide we’re going to walk your through the Rennala Boss Fight in Elden Ring so that you can hopefully get through it a little easier.

How to Beat Rennala

The boss fight with Rennala has two stages.  The first stage is relatively easy, while the second stage is a little bit more difficult.  Let’s break it down into the two parts.

Rennala Stage 1

The first part of the battle with Rennala has you entering the library in the Raya Lucaria area passing through the mist doors.  You’ll immediately be greeted by a room that looks to be filled with enemies.  Every enemy in the room will be hostile and Rennala won’t be able to be hit.  What you need to do in the first section is look for the students on the ground and attack the one with the gold glowing aura around them.  The student with the aura will be attacking you by throwing books at you via magic spell.  You should be able to identify these pretty easily and get to them and take them out with ease.  The area is large, so if you can’t see them immediately you’ll want to look in the back, behind the pillars and if you’ve got surround sound you’ll hear a singing voice in the direction of the student you need to hit.

Depending on your damage output you can do this in as little as two rounds. Once you take out the first three students, Rennala will fall to the ground and she will not be able to attack you.  While she is vulnerable hit her as many times as possible before her shield goes back up.  Once it does, three more students will need to be slain in order to disable Rennala again.

Repeat this until Rennala is at half health.  At this point the fight will transition to a new area.

Rennala Stage 2

In Stage 2 of the Rennala fight you’re going to want to keep the pressure on her.  Dodging the magic attacks that she throws at you while also avoiding the minions that she summons along the way.  You might need to get a bit lucky, because the minions that she summons can feel quite random and some are stronger or faster than others.

Rennala Boss Fight Video

Check out the video below of us beating Rennala, where we unfortunately died at the end of the fight.

And that’s all you need to know about beating Rennala in Elden Ring.  The tactics above are certainly going to work in part one of the fight, but the second part can be a bit of trial and error.  Make sure to learn the timings of the magic attacks and the queues for when minions are summoned and this fight should be a bit easier.


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