Resident Evil 3 – How to Get Red Dot Sight for the Handgun

Get a sight for your pistol early on.

by Diego Perez

There are several attachments available for the G19 handgun in Resident Evil 3, and the Red Dot Sight is the earliest upgrade you can get for your trusty sidearm. The Red Dot Sight can be obtained very early in Resident Evil 3, and it’ll help you conserve ammo by giving you a better idea of where your shots are going to land. On paper, it might not be as useful as the Extended Magazine or Moderator attachments that have tangible benefits to your ammo count and damage output, but having a Red Dot Sight on your pistol will make your life a lot easier overall. This is how to get the Red Dot Sight attachment in Resident Evil 3.

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How to Get the Red Dot Sight Attachment in Resident Evil 3

The Red Dot Sight for Jill’s G19 handgun can be obtained very early in Resident Evil 3. It’s locked away in a safe that you’ll come across in the opening hour of the game, but the combination isn’t too difficult to find. The safe in question is the drugstore owner’s safe, which is located on the second floor of one of the buildings near Moon’s Donuts. It’s hard to miss and you’ll most likely stumble upon it naturally while exploring the streets of Raccoon City early on. There’s a note on the floor next to the safe that mentions the Aqua Cure queen. If you head to the pharmacy down the street, you’ll find an advertisement on the back wall that has three numbers circled in red, which come together to form the safe code.

If you don’t want to go find it yourself, the safe code is  9 Left, 7 Right, 3 Left. Inside, you’ll find the Red Dot Sight attachment. Unlike the Semi-Auto Barrel for the shotgun, this attachment won’t make the handgun take up any more space, so there’s no penalty to applying it. There are tons of other weapon attachments in Resident Evil 3, and many of the other handgun attachments require fights with Nemesis to obtain them.

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