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Resident Evil Village: How to Move the Tractor

The tractor blocks your path to the house with the red chimney.

by Diego Perez


When Resident Evil Village players return to the village after defeating Lady Dimitrescu, they’ll find a tractor blocking their path to the house with the red chimney. In order to move the tractor and clear the path, you’ll need a special item that can be found in a nearby house. The path there is dangerous, however, and there’s a puzzle you need to solve before you can get the item you need. Thankfully, there’s a bonus reward waiting for you there too. Here’s how to move the tractor in Resident Evil Village.

How to Move the Tractor in Resident Evil Village

To move the tractor, you need an item called the Jack Handle. It’s located in a workshop down the road to the east of the tractor.  When you arrive, you’ll see a locked gate with the works “Do Not Enter” painted on it. Ignore the warning and shoot the lock to get inside.


There’s a breakable crate inside the workshop with some Lei and some other materials you can scavenge, but you’re really here to open the container with the combination lock on it. On the table, there’s a photo with a message on the back: “look out the window.” If you look out the nearby window, you’ll see a number painted on the window itself and two other numbers outside. When you look, you’ll get attacked by a Lycan. After dealing with the surprise foe, you can see the numbers outside the window form a combination.

The code for the lock is 07-04-08. Input this combination and you’ll unlock the container. Inside is the Jack Handle, which you need for the tractor, but also another bonus: the M1911 handgun. The M1911 is fully automatic and does more damage than the LEMI, so it’s a great upgrade. With the Jack Handle in hand, head back to the tractor and add the Jack Handle to the jack. The tractor will be lifted, and you can now crawl underneath.

With the tractor out of the way, you can reach the house with the red chimney and continue your quest. Inside the house, you’ll get a new key, and then you’ll be sent to a scary new location after visiting your old friend the Duke.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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