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Resident Evil Village: How to Unlock Mercenaries Mode

The fan-favorite arcade action mode returns.

by Diego Perez


Mercenaries is a fan-favorite mode from previous Resident Evil games, and the hectic arcade mode returns in Resident Evil Village. Mercenaries mode is a fast-paced time attack mode where you’re dropped into a combat arena and forced to clear the area of enemies as quickly as possible. Based on your final rank, you’re rewarded with prizes and items. There’s even a super secret weapon you can unlock if you do well enough on all Mercenaries stages. Here’s how to unlock and play Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village.

How to Unlock Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil Village

To unlock Mercenaries mode, you must first finish Resident Evil Village’s main story at least once. Beating the game unlocks the Extra Content Shop, which can be accessed from the main menu. Mercenaries mode can be unlocked in the Extra Content Shop, but the mode costs 10 CP. Once purchased, you can play Mercenaries mode in the Bonuses section of the main menu.


Mercenaries mode itself is fairly straightforward. You’ll start in a safe room with access to the Duke’s shop so you can purchase your weapons and customize your loadout. You’re then dropped into a stage and pitted against waves of incoming enemies that must be defeated within a certain time limit. Just defeat the enemies and proceed to the goal to complete the stage. You’ll be assigned a ranking based on your performance during the stage, and you’ll earn better rewards for higher ranks.

Only one stage is available initially, but more can be unlocked by receiving a certain rank on previous stages. The first stage, The Village, requires an A rank upon completion in order to unlock the second stage. You can see the score requirements for each rank in the starting area of each stage on a document next to the Duke’s shop. There are 8 stages in total, and obtaining an SS rank on all 8 stages will unlock the secret LZ Answerer weapon for use in any game mode.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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