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Returnal Update 1.300.003 Patch Notes

Several bugs have been fixed.

Updated by Diego Perez


Update 1.300.003 has arrived for Returnal, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. Returnal has received a handful of small updates since it launched last week, but this is the largest patch to date. This update fixes several issues that the community has been complaining about, including the trophy bug and some crashing issues. The door bug that was preventing progressing has been addressed as well. This update is currently rolling out for everyone, and your run will be reset if your system is in rest mode. There’s no save system in Returnal, so it’s an unfortunate side effect. Here’s everything new with Returnal update 1.300.003.

Returnal Update 1.300.003 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where certain Trophies might not unlock under specific gameplay conditions. Note: missing Trophies will need to be replayed to unlock.
  • Multiple stability fixes addressing rare crashes/hangs.
  • Fixed issue with pre-order suits occasionally blocking item collection and door opening.
  • Fixed incorrect healing behaviour when resting in Helios.
  • Configuration changes to increase the number of scout corpses available in all biomes.
  • Fixed issues with certain custom controller mappings.
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements.


As stated above, the infamous trophy bug has finally been fixed. Some players were defeating certain bosses or even finishing the game and not receiving the correct trophies for doing so, no matter how many times they repeated those actions. Now, those trophies should unlock normally, but you’ll have to unlock them again in order for them to pop. Another issue that was plaguing the game was a bug where doors would not open in certain scenarios. This would end a run if you encountered the bug, and now Housemarque has addressed the problem. It was being caused by wearing the pre-order suits, but it shouldn’t happen anymore.

Finally, the corpse feature seems to have been reenabled with this patch. Many Returnal reviews noted the ability to discover the corpses of other players during their runs, but this functionality looks like it was turned off with the full release of the game. It doesn’t seem like many players were finding other corpses, but Housemarque has made changes to increase the number of scout corpses available in all biomes. Maybe now the feature will be working as intended and players will start finding other people’s corpses during their runs.

Returnal is available now on PlayStation 5. For more information regarding this update, visit the official Housemarque site.

- This article was updated on:May 5th, 2021

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