Reverse 1999 Necrologist Build | Best Psychubes and Team Composition

It's time to defy death!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Bluepoch, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

Thanks to her ability to heal, buff, cancel enemy buffs, and allow your team to survive killing strikes by imbuing them with Prayer —a feat she can perform by using her Ultimate as well as at the beginning of any battle (Insight I)— Necrologist is both one of the most unique supports in Reverse 1999 and a game changer during boss fights.

In this guide, we will show you what are the best 6 and 5-star Psychubes for her as well as reveal which teams are capable of unlocking her full potential. Here’s the best Necrologist build in Reverse 1999.

The Best Psychubes for Necrologist in Reverse 1999

The best Psychube for Necrologist in Reverse: 1999 is Her Second Life; The Psychube is also my only recommendation for her given how it will allow Necrologist to indiscriminately provide healing to teammates after performing her Ultimate.

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When paired with the effect of her third Insight, which will allow her to heal teammates after they trigger Prayer, Her Second Life can turn Necrologist into one of the game’s best healers/supports as well as allow your team to become immortal depending on the type of enemies you are facing.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Best 5-Star Psychubes for Necrologist

The best 5-star Psychube for Necrologist is Laughter and Laughter. Like Her Second Life, Laughter and Laughter will further improve her healing ability, this time by enhancing it through a welcome bonus.

While equipped with Laughter and Laughter, Necrologist will receive a 3% increase in healing at the beginning of each turn (can stack to a maximum of 12-24% depending on the Psychube’s Amplification level). She will also get a 10% bonus in damage reduction (level 60).

Reverse: 1999 Best Necrologist Team Compositions

Given how Necrologist works as an enemy debuffer, defensive support, and healer, as well as the fact that she will need to constantly build up Moxie for her Ultimate, the best Necrologist team compositions in Reverse: 1999 will feature a nongreedy DPS such as Regulus or Centurion, and either a secondary damage dealer or a buffer/debuffer.

For the buffer/debuffer slot, my main pick would be either Bkornblume or Voyager (for general team compositions). On teams featuring Centurion, An-an Lee would be my main pick. I recommend that you put either an aggressive healer or another main DPS in the fourth-team slot.

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The Best F2P Team Composition for Necrologist

The best F2P team composition for Necrologist features her as a healer/support, Eagle as its main damage dealer, and Door as a main support/moxie generator.

Taking into account the guaranteed 6-stars, Regulus and Lilya are perfect fits for this composition. As she needs a dedicated healer more potent than Necrologist, only use Eternity if paired with Dikke, who will also work as a top-tier sub-DPS.

This guide was made while playing Reverse: 1999 on PC.

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2023

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