Reverse 1999 Banner Schedule | Upcoming Characters and Leaks

Every current and upcoming banner in Reverse: 1999.

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Reverse: 1999 has a long list of unique characters to collect, but there are even more exciting units coming down the road as part of its already confirmed upcoming banners.

Here’s everything you need to know about Reverse: 1999’s banner schedule, including a look at all already confirmed upcoming banners and their featured characters.

Current Reverse: 1999 Banners

The current limited banners in Reverse: 1999 are “Pop Is Everything” and “Whisper Of The Woods.” Pop Is Everything will be available from November 9, through November 23, 2023. The Whisper Of The Woods banner will run from November 9 to 21, 2023.

After Pop Is Everything ends, “Thus Spoke the Border Collie” will debut and then run from November 23 to December 7, 2023. You can check out an overview of each of the mentioned banners below, as well as a look at all upcoming version 1.2 to 1.4 banners further down.

Pop Is Everything

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As the first event banner of version 1.1, Pop Is Everything has the game’s new 6-Star Beast DPS Melania as it’s featured 6-Star. Including her, here are all the characters who have an increased drop-up rate in the banner:

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Melania is the game’s second-best Beast DPS and has in her ability to generate and Steal Moxie, as well as in her massive Ultimate Damage her biggest strengths. Balloon Party can also be considered a must-pull for those looking ahead, as she is among the game’s best in the healing department.

Whisper Of The Woods

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The first rate-up banner part of version 1.1 is “Whisper Of The Woods”. The following characters have boosted drop rates on this banner:

  • Druvis III
  • Necrologist
  • Click

As it featured 6-Star character, Druvis III is the star of this banner. But although she can be considered a great pull given her ability to work as an excellent DPS who is also capable of actively debuffing targets and increasing the party’s survivability, I heavily advise you to skip her banner and either prioritize getting Melania or save your resources for Thus Spoke the Border Collie.

Thus Spoke the Border Collie

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As the second event rate-up banner for Reverse: 1999 Patch 1.1, Thus Spoke the Border Collie will feature the debut of 6-Star Support Pickles, the best boy of them all. The following characters will be featured on the banner:

  • Pickles
  • Baby Blue
  • Diggers

Pickles is the obvious star of the show here. He’s one of the best Mineral units in the entire game as well as a top-tier support capable of dealing great damage on his own while also buffing his allies. To segment this banner as an absolute must-pull, Baby Blue and Diggers are two of the game’s best 5-Star supports, with the former being a perfect fit for teams featuring Mental DPSs like Regulus.

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All Upcoming Reverse: 1999 Event Banners

Just like with version 1.1, each new major patch in Reverse: 1999 will feature the debut of two new event banners. Here are all the upcoming banners that we know about in Reverse: 1999.

Patch 1.2 Banners

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Patch 1.2 of Reverse: 1999 will bring even more new characters to the game. The first banner adds a new 6-Star unit named Tooth Fairy and the return of Bkornblume. These characters are featured on this banner:

  • Tooth Fairy
  • Bkornblume
  • Blonney

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Tooth Fairy is a Star support unit that can heal and purify allies, making her a great pick if you missed Sotheby. Blonney is a decent Realty DPS unit, but Bkornblume is the better of the two featured 5-Star units. This is a great chance to level up Bkornblume’s Portray level if you pulled her earlier.

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The second limited banner of Patch 1.2 introduces Changeling and Horropedia while giving Necrologist her second appearance on a banner. Here are the featured characters on this banner:

  • Changeling
  • Necrologist
  • Horropedia

Changeling is a poison Plant DPS unit that pairs well with other poison units like Sotheby, making her one of the better units in the game. Horropedia isn’t as exciting, but he’s still a solid Mineral debuffer that fits into most teams.

Patch 1.3 Banners

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Even more characters are set to join Reverse: 1999’s roster during Patch 1.3. The first banner introduces a new 6-Star character called Shamane and a new 5-Star unit named Kanjira. Here are all the featured characters on this banner.

  • Shamane
  • Kanjira
  • Tennant

Shamane is an excellent Beast DPS unit that debuffs enemies to deal even more damage to them. He pairs well with the new 5-Star Kanjira, yet another poison DPS unit. Tennant is also a strong option for shields, but she’s been featured on banners before.

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Image: Bluepoch

The second phase of Patch 1.3 features another new 6-Star DPS unit named Black Dwarf. These are the featured characters for this banner:

  • Black Dwarf
  • Balloon Party
  • Satsuki

Balloon Party is back on a banner again in Patch 1.3, but most people will be focused on Black Dwarf and Satsuki. The former is a powerful Mineral Burst DPS unit that ranks among the game’s best, while the latter is a weaker control DPS that you can easily skip.

Patch 1.4 Banners

  • Reverse-1999-37-Banner
  • Reverse-1999-6-Banner

Patch 1.4 is currently live on the Chinese version of Reverse: 1999. The first banner of Patch 1.4 will feature a 6-Star Star unit named “37,” while the second banner features the game’s very first 6-Star Intellect unit, “6.”

While the 37 banner will feature Sweetheart and Click as its 5-Stars, the 6 banner will feature an increased drop rate for Satsuki and Baby blue.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2023

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