Reverse 1999 Version 1.1: Release Date, Banner Schedule, and Early Patch Notes

Take a moment to learn all about Reverse 1999 Version 1.1!

by Christian Bognar
Reverse 1999 Version 1.1 Update
Image: Bluepoch Co.

Reverse: 1999 version 1.1 is incoming, and with it is coming some great additions to the popular Gacha game. Read on to discover more about the update, including banner info, release date, and more.

Reverse 1999 Version 1.1 Release Date

In the reveal trailer for the upcoming game version, the plot focuses on new characters trying to get their hand on the Rimet Cup, a treasure from a museum collection. Reverse: 1999 version 1.1 has been confirmed to have a release date of November 9, 2023, according to the official X account of the game. The official name of the update is “The Theft of the Rimet Cup.”

You can check out the post for yourself below, which was sent out on November 2 and includes a trailer for the upcoming version of the game.

Reverse 1999 Version 1.1 Banners and Characters

Image: Bluepoch Co.

Reverse: 1999 version 1.1 includes three new characters for players to look forward to — Melania, Pickles, and Diggers. Melania is a skilled Great Thief who is a six-star character and possesses a talking handbag. She specializes in dealing mental damage and has special abilities to enhance her attacks. Here is a picture of Melania in Reverse 1999:

Image: Bluepoch Co.

Pickles, on the other hand, is a Border Collie dog who is also a six-star character. This trusty companion is a mineral user with unique abilities to support and dispel enemies! Check out the cute pup below.

Image: Bluepoch Co.

Lastly, we have Diggers, who looks to be a hippie artist and is a 5-star character. He looks to be a laid-back dude with a love of music and guitars.

Image: Bluepoch Co.

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Reverse 1999 Version 1.1 Events

In addition to new characters, Reverse: 1999 version 1.1 will also include a new storyline as well as events for players to participate in. For example, the Time-Limited Seasonal Challenge, “UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory,” is a mode that challenges players to collect FAME cards to complete reading challenges.

The new update will also include events focusing on the new characters, specifically Melania and Pickles. These character-driven events will allow the players to learn more about the character’s backstory, as well as receive rewards for completing them!

Reverse 1999 Version 1.1 New Outfits

Lastly, Reverse: 1999 version 1.1 will include the “Carnival On the Pitch” clothing line, providing new outfits for Regulus, APPLe, and Centurion.

This clothing line is an excellent addition for players looking to make those characters look more stylish than ever.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2023

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