Riders Republic Relics: All 11 Secret Relic Locations

Find all 11 relics on the ridge!

by Noah Nelson


Looking for all 11 relics in the new Riders Republic? Look no further! Riders Republic has officially launched, and people are excited about it. Whether you are an SSX fan, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fan, Steep fan, or even a Motorstorm fan, this game has a little something for everybody. From bikes to wingsuits, there are so many options when it comes to bombing a mountain with your friends.

The relics in Riders Republic are legendary equipment guaranteed to make you the coolest rider on the ridge. But they can be tricky to track down. The relics don’t only offer riders unique skins. Some offer incredible stats. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure in tracking down all 11 relics or just want to collect them all to show off to your friends, here’s the location of all 11 relics in Riders Republic. Also, a quick pro-tip, when you are close to the relic, you will hear a radio broadcast announcing the relic you’re close to, so keep your ears open.

1. Adventure Bike Relic

Starting with the Adventure Bike Relic, players can find this in the Colorado River – The Slide section of the map. You will want to look out for a tent and bonfire. Next to those, propped up against a rock, is the Adventure Bike Relic.

2. Cardboard Plane Relic

The next relic is the Cardboard Plane Relic. It is located north of the Colorado River and east of the Burned Forest in the Sequoia – General Highway region. Located at a lob cabin next to a guy playing drums on his guitar is the relic. This glider is sure to catch an eye or two, as you totally look like an action figure strapped onto a paper airplane.

3. Destroyed Bike Relic

The next relic will be found in the Zion – Pine Creek area. At the top of the river east of Hole in the Wall, you will find the Destroyed Bike Relic wheels up stuck in the river. Just hope you don’t end up like the owner of this relic. Ride responsibly.

4. Folding Bike Relic

Next up is the Folding Bike Relic. This one can be found in the bottom-left part of the map. Located at Canyonland – Arches Valley, this bike can be hard to pinpoint. Amongst the rocks and trees, west of the Fiery Furnace Playground, the Folding Bike Relic can be spotted.

5. Grandpa Bike Relic

Within the Yosemite – Yosemite Valley region, the Grandpa Bike Relic can be collected. Found at the Chapel area within this region, this relic can be easier than some to get. You will find this relic next to the chapel itself, leaning against the mail post.

6. Old School Skis Relic

Traveling up north towards the Tetons, you will find the Old School Skis relic next to a tent and camper. Directly west of the Grand Teton mountain on a ridge below is where this relic can be acquired. With this relic, you’ll have completed the perfect 80’s winter vacation look and be able to win the big race to save the Lodge.

7. Pizza Delivery Bike Relic

Who wouldn’t want the Pizza Delivery Bike Relic? Found within the Mammoth – Canyon Lodge residential area just northeast of Bear Park, this relic can be discovered near the top set of houses. Follow the trail of empty pizza boxes to the correct house and you’ll have yourself a bonafide Pizza Delivery Bike Relic.

8. Plane Wing Relic

Now, this is one of the coolest relics there is. Deep within Yosemite – Cloud Rest you will find the Plane Wing Relic still attached to its crashed plane just waiting to be collected in a small lake. It is found between ridges and directly at Cloud Rest. Blast through the sky with a plane turbine strapped to your back.

9. Surf Board Relic

North of the Grand Teton and west of The Wall Glacier, the Surf Board Relic can be found. Chilling next to an igloo, this relic isn’t too difficult to see since it is a brown, wooden board in the middle of a white, snowy expanse. I’m just waiting for Ubisoft to release a penguin skin so I can fulfill my dream of surfing penguin-style down the slopes.

10. Training Bike Relic

Directly east of The Wall Glacier and north of Cascade Canyon Playground, you will find the Training Bike Relic. This relic is found east of the river and above the trees on that bank. Look for a Christmas tree with tons of presents underneath it. Looks like this year, Santa is hinting that you could use a workout.

11. Wood Ski Blades Relic

Last but not least, the classic Wooden Ski Blades Relic can be found on the ridge north of Mammoth Rock in the Mammoth – Santiago Bowl region. Directly on Mammoth Summit, this relic is located right next to a ski lift bench. Finally, you’ll have the last laugh when you shred past your friends winning first place with this unique relic.

There you have it, all 11 relics in Riders Republic. With more exotic skins and events on the way, Riders Republic is on track to continue offering players brand new content in the already filled open world paradise.

Riders Republic is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC.

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