Riders Republic Stars: Best Ways to Earn Stars Fast

You need Stars to unlock more things to do in the Republic; here's how to earn Stars fast in RIders Republic.

by Thomas Cunliffe
People biking and paragliding in Riders Republic to earn Stars

Collecting Stars in Ubisoft’s Riders Republic is the most important aspect of the game. Stars unlock new careers, events, sponsors and Shackdaddy events, along with all the rewards attached to them. Plus, your Star Count will appear next to your name, so other Riders know exactly who they’re dealing with.

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In this guide, we’ll detail exactly how to earn Stars in Riders Republic and the best way to earn them fast, so you can get straight into the activities you want to play.

What are Stars in Riders Republic?

Stars are rewarded throughout Riders Republic for doing just about anything: events, multiplayer, activities, live challenges, you name it. There are a number of Star milestones that will unlock different aspects of the game when you reach them, such as new sports, gear or sponsors. For example, earning 20 Stars will allow you to participate in the first batch of Shackdaddy events and challenges, which involve using Funkies (fun Gear, such as rocket boots or an ice-cream bike) to complete all sorts of crazy courses. 65 Stars will earn you access to Bike Tricks Career and Bike Tricks events. You’ll also earn a pack of Bucks, the main currency in Riders Republic, every time you unlock a reward.


Collecting a large number of stars will earn you prestigious titles and eventually the ‘Golden Smoke Pack’ at 7000 stars, the current maximum reward. Stars don’t need to be spent; your lifetime Stars are automatically counted and even appear next to your player name for anyone to see.

How to earn Stars in Riders Republic

Activities that reward Stars

Almost every activity in Riders Republic rewards at least one Star. The main way to get Stars is to participate in Career Events, which award one Star for completing, but have secondary objectives that allow you to earn much more. Side activities include challenges such as performing certain tricks, scoring a number of points, not backtracking, completing the race using a Funkie, winning on higher difficulties and similar such challenges. The harder the side activity, the more Stars it awards. Events can be replayed at any time to complete side objectives you missed.


Playing multiplayer modes can also earn you Stars, with the rewards depending on the current week and your rank. Prefer to explore? No problem. You’ll find Landmarks, Relics and Stunts throughout the Republic, which all award Stars when completed. Live challenges, like Mass Race, will also win you Stars. The higher your position at the end, the more stars you’ll earn. Hidden challenges can also earn stars, such as earning a total of 1 million lifetime points.

Finally, weekly Shackdaddy Bandit Challenges can also award a good chunk of Stars. These challenges are purchasable for a small number of Bucks and can award a good chunk of Stars. These change every week, so make sure to check back every reset to check what new challenges have been added. Completing all Shackdaddy Challenges in a week will net you an exclusive reward, too.

How to earn Stars fast

To earn Stars fast in Riders Republic, play Career Events. Simply getting to the finish line will earn you a Star and the secondary objectives will earn you even more, just for an average of 1-3 minutes of gameplay. Completing Career Events will also earn you experience, which will unlock even more events and opportunities to earn Stars. Remember, you can always go back to events to complete the secondary objectives when you’ve improved or gained the Gear needed for certain challenges. Make sure to check out our guides on Bike tricks and Ski & Snowboard tricks, as a good number of secondary objectives require points or certain tricks to be performed.

Another top tip is to always have Shackdaddy Bandit Challenges active, as most can be completed passively and can award a generous number of Stars. You can also join Mass Races when they’re active and try your best to earn a top spot to earn a ton of Stars.

Riders Republic is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. You can find our full coverage of the game, including more helpful guides, on the Riders Republic tag page.

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2021

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