Riders Republic Update 1.10 Patch Notes

A new mass race arrives and more.

by Diego Perez


Update 1.10 has arrived for Rider’s Republic and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. Rider’s Republic launched last fall as the follow-up to Ubisoft’s snowboarding title Steep, and the game has received a steady stream of post-launch updates since it was first released. Today’s patch adds an all-new mass race that will be available after the next weekly reset on Wednesday, so don’t expect to jump into it immediately after installing the update. There are also some minor new additions in this update, including a new photo mode setting and new elements in the Ridge. Here’s everything new with Rider’s Republic update 1.10.

Rider’s Republic Update 1.10 Patch Notes

Here are the sizes for this update across all platforms followed by the complete list of patch notes.

PC: 7.25 GB
Xbox One: 6.5 GB
Xbox Series X | S: 6.9 GB
PlayStation 4: 6.6615 GB
PlayStation 5: 3.7GB

New Features

  • Get ready to join a brand new Mass Race! Available from the weekly reset, on Wednesday.
  • Show your passion for the Showdown mode with a new setting in the Photo mode
  • And finally, the Ridge will have new elements, it’s a slam dunk!


  • The challenges’ menu is having a lifting, and the ShackDaddyBandits are now known as Weekly Challenges
  • The same Weekly Challenges will be available from the start of the game, instead of having to reach 20 stars to unlock them
  • The Mass Race’s screen will be more dynamic
  • The Mass Race’s cinematic and the screen at their beginning were also improved
  • The compass will now show the friends icons
  • We also improved the behaviour of several sports (grind, walk, paraglide…)

Major Issues

  • Fixed an issue where secondary objectives were not saved once completed, when logging out
  • Addressed LOD issues with several bikes
  • Corrected a camera issue when quitting a stunt on starting point
  • Addressed the boost tapping
  • Fixed the error Plateau – 5 BattlEye Bad Service Version
  • Corrected an issue where removing the gear would prevent players from falling into ragdoll

Minor Issues

  • Fixing the camera when the player is riding
  • Correcting a few French localizations
  • Teaching the characters to dress correctly, so their outfits won’t clip
  • Adjusting the backpack “Ready to launch”, to prevent it from flickering
  • Corrected a few landing ramp issues in the Sentinel Path
  • The Cube TW015 HPC is back from the shop, fixing its suspensions
  • Fixed an issue with the panel not visible in Showdown Gear
  • Fixed the Mountain View cursor overlapping the reward cards showcase
  • Corrected some text overlapping with different bike actions
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Preventing a pop-up appearing every time the Redeem code is pressed in the Shop menu
  • Corrected the MVP effect being sometimes not visible for some players
  • Fixed the Clan Tags being shortened to 3 characters on consoles
  • Fixed the group avatars disappearing in the main menu
  • Corrected issues with the grouping options
  • Several fixes for the Session Marker feature
  • Fixed an issue where the Snowmobile tricks were causing the PS5 to vibrate while being in the air
  • The title “Here for Cholocate” will be now spelt correctly
  • Some descriptions for the trophies have been updated
  • Corrected some stats in Ubisoft Connect where they were using incorrect naming
  • Addressed a placeholder located close to the sky limit in the Yosemite region

Known Issues

  • We noticed the Weekly Challenges were reset. The team is aware and investigating. We’re also looking in a compensation for the impacted players.

That’s everything new in this Rider’s Republic patch! We liked Rider’s Republic, awarding it a score of 3.5/5 stars in our review. We praised the world and activities, saying “Riders Republic is a fun game that offers a wide range of exhilarating and unique activities that mostly benefit from its ‘always online’ gameplay model, but also suffers from a few shortcomings. The world feels alive, the Events are a blast and the game looks gorgeous. However, some aspects of the game are a little lacking at launch, namely the multiplayer modes, customization, and air sports.”

Rider’s Republic is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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