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Road 96: How To Sprint (Run Faster)

Yeah, there actually IS a way to run faster.

by Andron Smith


Road 96 is a narrative adventure game where the story is king, but learning how to sprint will definitely save you some time traveling between locations. Similar to Life is Strange, the game moves at a chiller pace than most, but players will often find themselves on foot while exploring areas or heading towards a new locale. This is particularly problematic if you are choosing the on-foot option versus taking a taxi, bus, or hitchhiking along your path towards the end. Trust us when we say, knowing how to move quickly will definitely help with your enjoyment of the game. Here’s everything we know on how to sprint in Road 96.

How to Sprint in Road 96

To sprint in Road 96, by default, you can press and hold the back right trigger if using a controller or the up arrow if using a keyboard. Your runaway will not lose any stamina while sprinting, although they definitely breathe heavily as if they did. Did you know there are a lot of random mini-games in Road 96? Now that you know how to sprint, be on the lookout for the below while you’re making your way across the border.

Lots to see and do

While you’re sprinting like mad, be sure to keep your head on a swivel as you can bump into mini-games as well as hidden items here and there. Some of the hidden items you can find include cassettes that really add to the world of Petria with lots of great tunes you can listen to while you’re in a car or just admiring a waterfall. We brought you here for mini-games though and here are just a few of the activities we found during our time with the game.

  • Pwong – A version of the classic Pong that plays and feels just like you’d expect.
  • Air Hockey – Just like it sounds and there are plenty of opportunities for it.
  • Connect Four – Or rather a variation of it. When you encounter this one, prepare to get your butt kicked by probably the hardest AI we’ve faced in this type of game.

Road 96 is available now on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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