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Roblox In the Heights Event: All Missing Numbers Locations

Get Usnavi's Hat for free by finding all the numbers!

by Diego Perez


The In the Heights Block Party Event is finally here in Roblox, and finding all 10 of the missing numbers during the event will unlock a free reward for your character. Usnavi’s Hat is the reward for finding all the numbers, and you can get it fairly easily. The numbers are not that hard to find, and it will only take a few minutes to collect them all. There are many other activities to do during the event though, so keep an eye out for other collectibles along the way! Here’s how to find all 10 missing numbers for the In the Heights Roblox event.

How to Find the Missing Numbers in the Roblox In the Heights Event

There are 10 missing numbers in the In the Heights Roblox event, and finding them all will unlock Usnavi’s Hat as a free reward. Here’s an overview of where you can find all 10 missing numbers.

  1. To the left of spawn behind the ice cream truck
  2. Behind spawn near the “We Are Powerful” graffiti
  3. In an alley to the right of spawn
  4. In an alley between spawn and the viewing party park
  5. In a dumpster in the same alley as the fourth number
  6. At the top of a wall to the right of the fourth and fifth numbers
  7. Above the crosswalk with the fire hydrants
  8. At the top of a traffic light in the center of the area
  9. In a corner on the right side of the viewing party park
  10. Behind a tree in the area to the left of spawn in an area with tables and umbrellas


Most of the numbers aren’t hidden at all. You can see basically all of them from the street, but there are a few that are tricky to get. The fifth number requires you to jump in a dumpster, so be careful not to miss it. The sixth number requires you to jump onto a wall and walk up it, which is strange.

To get the seventh number, you have to use the water from the fire hydrants to launch yourself into the air. There are two hydrants that turn on randomly. All you have to do is jump in front of them and they’ll lift you to the number. The eight number requires you to do a bit of parkour to reach it because it’s on top of a traffic light. Just jump onto the newspaper stands nearby, then hop over to the walk sign. From there, jump onto the traffic light and you can get the number. These are the only numbers that are difficult to get.


Once you get find all 10 missing numbers, Usnavi will give you his hat as a thank you. Usnavi’s Hat is an in-game item, so you can only use it in the In the Heights Block Party event. Sadly, it is not a permanent Avatar prize. Still, there are other items you can earn during this event like the Artist’s Backpack and three special emotes that are permanently unlocked for your Avatar. For even more Roblox gear, check out our list of Roblox promo codes and free items.

Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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