Sekiro Guide: Where to Get Gourd Seeds and What to do with them

Get more healing uses out of your Gourd

by Kyle Hanson

There are only a few items in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that are more important or useful than a fresh Gourd Seed. These elusive items increase the healing capacity of your Healing Gourd, giving you critical extra Vitality to take on the many tough bosses within the game. Of course, many of those bosses hold the very Gourd Seeds that you seek, or are blocking your path to them. To help out, here’s where to get Gourd Seeds in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and what to do with them.

Where to Get Gourd Seeds

Likely the first Gourd Seed that you’ll find in Sekiro is the one held by Samurai General Naomori Kawarada. This optional mid-boss stands in a clearing in Ashina Outskirts, the first true level of the game. You don’t have to take him on right away, but this extra Gourd Seed is a very useful prize to earn this early in your playthrough, so you probably want to take him out. Here’s how to beat Samurai General Naomori Kawarada, in case you need some help.

The second Gourd Seed you’ll want to grab is actually pretty close by, but another boss stands in your way. This time it’s the Chained Ogre, a foe who fears fire, but will still take some serious skill to eliminate. Check out our guide on how to beat the Chained Ogre if you need help with it. Beating him won’t actually get you a Gourd Seed right away, instead it is hidden nearby. Head through the newly opened path in the building ahead, grappling to the ledge and into the hallway. Turn left and you’ll find it sitting in that room.

The next one you can easily come across is also in Ashina Outskirts, but right on the edge of it. The outskirts of the Outskirts, I suppose. This one is in one of the Mob Shops, which you probably haven’t come across just yet unless you’ve ventured far and wide. Either way, this shop is unlocked after you beat Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa. Once you finish that fight just head back the way you came into the arena and to the left toward a large set of stairs. Around the corner of the building is a shop where you can purchase a Gourd Seed for a hefty amount of Sen.

Near the Ashina Outskirts is Ashina Castle, a foreboding structure that takes a lot of work to get into. Inside and past a ton of guards is one of the precious Gourd Seeds that you seek. It is found near the Upper Tower – Antechamber Idol, in a chest nearby. Once you find this Idol just check around and you’ll find it easily.

Another one can be found in the Senpou Temple area. It’s actually within the temple at the very top of the area, so play through it until you reach the end of your journey and you’ll locate it. The final one is found much later in the game in a very well hidden shop. Found deep within the Sunken Valley near the Bodhisattva Valley Idol, you can buy what is likely your last Gourd Seed here.

What to do with Gourd Seeds

And just in case you weren’t reading the large blocks of text that pop up throughout your first dozen or so hours in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, here’s what to do with Gourd Seeds once you find them. Head back to the Dilapidated Temple area and speak with Emma, the mysterious woman standing near the front of the temple. Speak with her whenever you have a new Gourd Seed and she will use it to upgrade your Healing Gourd. This is the item you use to heal yourself in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, so it’s kind of important.

And that should answer all of your questions about where to get Gourd Seeds in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and what to do with them. If you have any that aren’t covered here let us know in the comments. And check back for updates as more secrets about Sekiro are discovered.

- This article was updated on March 22nd, 2019