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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments Guide: The Fate Of Black Peter

by Dean James


Starting up Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, you will be greeted with a bang as Watson heads into a room and finds Sherlock randomly firing a gun blindfolded. You will begin behind a table and must move onto a sofa, behind a chair, and then behind Sherlock to bring up a cutscene between the two.

Inspector Lestrade will show up and bring the title case about the murder of a man named Peter Carey, aka Black Peter. Once the conversation is done, you will now be in control of Sherlock. By pressing square, you can access his casebook to track the progress of your investigations, including tasks, evidence, documents you collect, and more.

The first task you must now complete is to change your clothing by going into the door on the right and finding your wardrobe, where you must choose a suit to change into. Don’t worry about a disguise or anything from the make-up table and move forward. Now hit square and open your casebook to find the area map. Choose Woodman’s Lee and you will advance to the next location.

.You will see a policeman investigating what looks like footprints near the garden. Activate your Imagination Space with R1 to eventually bring up an option to examine and then examine again to discover the footprints are quite large. In the distance, you will see a small cabin and a larger house. Go to the house and speak with the woman outside, Peter Carey’s wife. Speak with Mrs. Carey about the various topics available. Hit square to start a character profile for Mrs. Carey. Hold down R1 to advance forward while pressing X on the items that cause the circle to light up blue, which are as follows:

  • Cameo around her neck
  • Catholic rosary around her wrist
  • Crested tit on the book cover
  • Pair of gardening gloves
  • Bird house

Choose the “Everything will become easier” discussion topic and when prompted, press square quickly, which provides two options, with “Pilgrimage” the one you want to pick.

Now move to the smaller cabin and try to open the door, but it is locked. Instead, examine the scratches that Lestrade discovers on the lock itself with Imagination Space. Now, enter the cabin and once inside, examine everything you can, all of which can be seen below:

  • The map to the right of the door
  • The sperm whale tooth next to it
  • The shelf, specifically the outline in the dust you can find with Imagination Space active
  • The ship’s logs, which we will come back to later
  • The harpoon rack
  • Wooden chest
    • Peter Carey’s boots (size eight)
    • Navigation tools
  • Ship’s nameplate
  • Table
    • Dead Peter Carey
      • Pierced chest
      • Peter Carey’s face
      • Peter Carey’s clothes
      • Harpoon
      • Pool of blood
        • Sea knife
          • Blade
          • Wooden handle
        • Notebook
          • Inscription
          • Blood (on bottom right corner)
          • Open
            • Abbreviations

Leave the cabin and examine the footprints once again. Now use Mr. Carey’s boots on them, which will not match. Talk to Mrs. Carey again and choose all topics available. At this point, you will notice an icon on the top right corner of the screen telling you to hit triangle, which is what you want to do next to open up deductions. Connect “Notebook” and “Break-in attempts” within this menu and this will cause Sherlock to decide they should ambush the unknown suspect when he returns Talk to Lestrade and then hide behind the cabin near the back window. Once the suspect is caught, move back around to the front of the cabin and go inside again. This will now automatically take you to Scotland Yard after a scene.

Once at Scotland Yard, speak with the policeman, who will point you to the interrogation room. On the way, go into the evidence room by entering the left side hallway and going inside the first door on the right. Now check out Neligan’s belongings on the table.

  • Pocket knife
  • Handkerchief
  • Ring
    • Rotate to read “From R. Dawson,” “to my friend,” and “and partner 1883”
  • Notebook (Evidence required)

Now exit the evidence room and head further down the hall through the cell door and into the interrogation room. Speak with John Neligan about each of the pieces of evidence. When asking about the ring, quickly hit square after and you will get a list of options to choose from, with “Ring’s engraving” the one you want to choose.

At this point, make a profile of Neligan by pressing square and then highlighting the following items:

  • Shabby cap
  • Thin neck
  • Patch
  • Expensive fabric
  • Elaborate buttons
  • Short sleeves
  • Callus
  • Scars

When asking about the ring’s owner again, hit square as before and this time choose “Father’s jacket” that was recently acquired by doing the character profile. At this point you can make another deduction by hitting triangle, by connecting “Neligan’s notebook” with “Break-in attempts.” Sherlock will deduct that the break-in attempts were made in order to retrieve the notebook. You can also make one other deduction by connecting “Pinned to the wall” and “Swift actions.” This gives you the task of “Experiment required,” where you must figure out “whether an unskilled and untraiend man could use a harpoon well enough to kill by fully piercing a body.”

Now, open your casebook again and head back home to Baker Street. Move over to the right of the fireplace and examine the newspapers as a “search for Dawson, 1883” pops up. Choose “Dawson and Neligan are bankrupt” and it will be added to your documents. Speak with Watson about your reenactment and then go to your map and return to Woodman’s Lee. Quickly grab one of the harpoons from Mr. Carey’s cabin and now open up the map again and head to the new location, Whitechapel Butcher.

Talk to Watson again once you arrive at the butcher shop and be ready for the reenactment. Aim and press X to “hold breath” and then press x again when best aimed. This is a very simple task after a few tries. When done, time for another deduction by connecting “Pinned to the wall” and “Strength requirement.”

Travel back to Scotland Yard and go back to the interrogation room once again. Talk to Neligan with the only option available. Now head back to Woodman’s Lee to examine the ship logs that we saw in the cabin earlier, but could do nothing with. Flip to the August page, which have been torn away and examine the Canadian bond piece.

Return to Baker street once again and you will automatically talk to Watson in a cutscene. As Sherlock says in the cutscene, move over to the window and call upon Wiggins. Lestrade will then request that you return to Scotland Yard, so do exactly that.

When you get there, Lestrade will tell you about a new suspect, so go to the evidence room first. Examine the new suspect named Liam Hurtley’s belonging.

  • Boots (size nine and a half)
  • Stained letter
  • Pen

Also take the time to examine Neligan’s belonging one more time. Compare the abbreviations from the bond piece to the notebook and underline C.P.R. The deduction icon will pop up once again, so press triangle as per usual. Connect “missing papers” and “Missing tin box,” which will bring up “Neligan’s motive” and in turn “Neligan is Guilty.” However, do not accuse him quite yet. Instead, head to the interrogation room and interrogate Liam Hurtley. After not saying anything, do a character profile on Hurtley, where you will find the following:

  • Old scar
  • Handkerchief with crested tit
  • Plant remains
  • Gardener’s hands

Go back out to the cell and choose Neligan to interrogate once again. Ask him about the break-in and quickly hit square when prompted and choose “Bond certificate.”

Now go to Woodman’s Lee again and go to the same footprints as before. Examine them and use Hurtley’s boots, which will be a perfect match. A new deduction will be possible now by connecting “No gardener” and “Hurtley’s footprints.” Return to Baker Street now and examine the Analysis Table on the opposite wall with the option “Recover Hurtley’s letter.” Mix the chemicals in the following order: blue, green, blue, orange, colorless, orange, colorless. After doing that, you can wipe off the entire letter to read the contents.

With all of this new evidence on Hurtley, return to Scotland Yard and interrogate him again. When asking him about Woodman’s Lee, quickly hit square and choose “Hurtley’s boots match.” Ask him about his “Presence at Woodman’s Lee” and also hit square and choose “Gardener.” Lastly, ask “What did you hide” and then hit square and answer with “Hurtley’s letter.”

After this interrogation, head to Woodman’s Lee and talk with Mrs. Carey. She will give you keys to the shed behind her, which you should now enter. Use Imagination Space to find a wooden floorboard that you can examine. Open it to find a small wooden box with puzzle inside, which you can solve using tips from our Fate of Peter Black puzzle guide. After solving, speak with Mrs. Carey again and hit square to respond with “Romantic correspondence.” At this point, it’s deduction time again by connecting “Liam Hurtley’s letter” and “Judith Carey’s confession.” Also connect “Judith Carey’s letter and “Judith Carey’s confession.” By doing both of these, this will provide two different outcomes for Hurtley, but do not accuse him yet either.

Return to Baker Street and speak with the returning Wiggins, who will give information. In the information he provides, underline “Patrick Cairns, Harpooner.” Now enter deduction mode and connect the only two options left, “Peter Carey a non-smoker” and “Patrick Cairns.” You will now decide you need to interrogate Cairns, so head to your wardrobe and change into your Sailor Outfit.

Travel to the “Sea Witch” Pub at this point and head to the back table and speak with Patrick Cairns. Challenge him to arm wrestling and beat him twice. The best strategy is to mostly go all out and then restrain here and there when needed. This is relatively simple once you get the hang of it. After beating him twice, interrogate him by asking all of the questions and then do a character profile by highlighting the following:

  • Gold earring
  • Cheap clothes
  • Strong hands
  • Sailor’s tattoo
  • Yellow nails

Get up and plant the tobacco pouch in his jacket pocket behind him. After this scene, go into deduction mode and connect the only two options, “Patrick Cairn’s pouch” and “Patrick Cairns.”

At this point, it is time to name the person who killed Peter Carey. You have three suspects, Neligan, Hurtley, and Cairns, all three of which you can choose from.

  • Neligan’s guilt or innocence is decided from “Feat of strength/Lucky throw” and “Looking for papers/Retrieving the notebook”
  • Hurtley’s guilt or innocence is decided from “Harmless flirting/Desperate jealously”
  • Cairns’ guilt or innocence is decided from “Feat of strength/Lucky throw” and “Pouch proves visit/Pouch proves guilt”






The correct option is Patrick Cairns, but you can also choose to condemn or absolve him. If you choose to condemn him, he will show up at your house as part of a trap and when he realizes the jig is up, he will start a fight, after knocking out Lestrade of course. This is extremely easy, but is losable. Simply aim for his face and hit X to punch him three times. Then hit triangle to land the final blow.

If you wish to replay this decision, you can revert to before your moral choice and make another choice. With that, the first case of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is complete!


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