Should You Break In or Leave Bags in The Quarry?

Is breaking and entering worth it?

by Diego Perez


In Chapter 1 of The Quarry, Emma and Abigail must choose to either break into a cabin or leave their bags for the moment while everyone else is waiting to go home. It seems like an inconsequential decision, but this choice can actually have a lasting effect throughout the story of The Quarry. It won’t affect anything major or kill any characters, but the choice does open up some possibilities later on. If you’re unsure whether you should break in or leave the bags in your first playthrough of The Quarry, here’s what happens in each outcome.

Should You Break in or Leave the Bags in The Quarry?

To avoid spoilers, it’s perfectly fine to break in and collect everyone’s bags. If you choose to break in, the cabin door will remain unlocked throughout the story and you can find certain things inside, such as a plush toy that can come in much handy later on. Leaving the bags will leave the cabin door locked and force the girls to return empty-handed, which isn’t a huge issue.

If you want to know exactly how each option plays out, then keep reading on. Be warned, light spoilers follow.


What Happens if You Break Into the Cabin?

If you break into the cabin, then the door will be unlocked later in the game. This will be helpful in later scenes if any of the counselors need to quickly access the cabin to hide or look for resources, which can happen in some scenes depending on how things play out.

Some of the things that you can find inside the cabin, such as the plush toy, can help later. The plush toy, for example, can be used as a distraction to get a counselor out of a sticky situation much later in the game. Overall, this is the best choice because leaving the bags doesn’t get you anything.

What Happens if You Leave the Bags?

If you leave the bags, you won’t get anything out of this scene. The cabin will remain locked and you won’t get access to anything inside. There’s really no reason to choose this option since there aren’t any repercussions for breaking in. Going this route just raises potential problems later on, such as the cabin door remaining locked.

The Quarry is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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