Should You Buy the Mechanical Box in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

What is this mysterious contraption?

by Diego Perez


There are all sorts of vendors in Jubilife Village in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but one person is selling a mysterious Mechanical Box for a hefty price near Galaxy Hall. Usually, shops tell you exactly what you’re going to get, but this strange device is unknown to most of the people of the Hisui region. It costs a whopping $10,000 as well, so most players will want to know exactly what they’re getting into before they fork over that kind of cash. Here’s what you can do with the Mechanical Box in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

What is the Mechanical Box in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

The mechanical box is described as a strange device that the people of Hisui don’t recognize. This sounds like it could be a mystical object with some sort of hidden power, and you’d be sort of correct in saying that. Once you purchase the Mechanical Box, it will be sent to your room where you can examine it more closely.

It turns out, the Mechanical Box is actually just a microwave. The people of Hisui just didn’t know what it was because they’re living thousands of years in the past. You’re from a different time though, a time where conveniences like microwaves are commonplace, so now you’re likely feeling disappointed after spending that much money on a simple device that you can’t even use. However, it actually does have a use, and a fairly important one at that.

Is the Mechanical Box Worth It?

Yes, the Mechanical Box is worth it. While it may just seem like a useless microwave, you can actually use it to change Rotom’s forms once you catch one. There are multiple other appliances that you can purchase from Ginter in Jubilife Village, and while they get increasingly more expensive, they’re all worth it so you can unlock all the Rotom forms. Rotom is an electricity-based Pokemon that has a history of transforming into appliances, so it all makes sense once you think about it.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2022

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