Should You Side With Bree or Dante in Cyberpunk 2077? Shot By Both Sides Guide

Are you wondering whether to side with Bree or Dante in Cyberpunk 2077?

by Gordon Bicker
Image showcasing Bree and Dante in Cyberpunk 2077. The main player character is in a standoff stance.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is packed with gigs that will make you deeply question potential choices during the quest. Shot by Both Sides is one such gig in which you will have to make a personal moral choice of who to help near the end of the story to the quest. This article will take you through if you should side with Bree or Dante in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Should You Kill Dante in Cyberpunk 2077 Shot By Both Sides

I personally believe that eliminating Dante is the best choice to make in terms of the moral predicament but you may have a different opinion on the situation. Ultimately, Dante is a Millitech Special Agent who is determined to stop information from getting out. Bree was found out to have a corporation history but now is a journalist away from that life.

It is important to note that Bree is by no means squeaky clean and if you keep Dante alive you find out that Bree was planning to sell the information gained anyway. All in all, this means that Bree was lying to the player and it is confirmed by Mr. Hands in a phone call given to V a few hours later. The fixer also informs you that you now have to keep a watch for any Netrunners that have been sent after V.

Nonetheless, Dante is prepared to murder Bree in cold blood and that is something that I felt right to stand up against, hence eliminating Dante. If you proceed that way you will get Dante’s weapon (Ol’ Reliable) which is excellent.

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If you don’t kill Dante then you will get Bree’s weapon and also have to call Mr.Hands afterward to explain what happened. Mr. Hands does not sound pleased by what went down if you didn’t keep Bree alive. Overall, eliminating Dante in this gig seems to be the best choice but make sure to make the choice based on your own thoughts — it can be tricky making siding choices like these!

Key Weapon Stats

You may be wanting a more detailed breakdown of both weapon stats and what they will offer you. I have prepared a list for each so you know everything needed about the weapons that you can gain from this mission.

Ol’ Reliable (Dante’s weapon):

  • Power Revolver (bullets can bounce off walls)
  • Attack Speed: 2.50
  • Damage: 29.87
  • Reload Speed: 1.38
  • Effective Range: 49.50
  • Weapon Handling: 3.70
  • +25% Armor Penetration
  • +50% Crit Damage
  • +200% Headshot damage
  • Upon weapon swap to Ol’Reliable, you will get increased headshot damage and range. The further the target gets from you, the headshot crit chance is also increased.

Risket (Bree’s weapon):

  • Power Pistol
  • Attack Speed: 3.33
  • Damage: 98.72
  • Reload Speed: 0.96
  • Effective Range: 42
  • Weapon Handling: 5.71
  • +25% Armor Penetration
  • +150% Headshot damage multiplier
  • When the player character’s health is low, every hit is a critical hit and the weapon handling is improved.

Where to Find Bree in Shot by Both Sides

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you are still to actually reach the point of making the Bree or Dante choice in Shot by Both Sides, I know that you may be looking for the location to actually start the main part of the quest with Bree. When you are on the lower levels of the destination building, you have to go to the far back-right of the room. There will be a red light and a ladder sticking out from underneath.

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Go down there and then follow the tunnel through to the other side. Just at the end of that tunnel will be another area for you to crouch through and then Bree will suddenly appear on the other side of the rubble allowing you to proceed with the gig and then claim all the rewards. Now that you know more about the choice outcomes, you will be extra prepared for what awaits.

Who Plays Dante in Cyberpunk 2077?

Dante’s appearance is based on Dawid Podsiadło and the character is played by him too. Podsiadło is a famous singer who actually sang and wrote the lyrics to the titular track “Phantom Liberty” for the game. The making of the music itself was by both P.T. Adamczyk and Podsiadło. It is a beautifully haunting track and the perfect encapsulation of the DLC in my opinion.

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The voice acting for the Polish version of Dante is done by Podsiadło but the English version is recorded by Steven Cree instead. Nonetheless, if you happened to recognize this character’s appearance then you will likely have just had your question answered of where you recognized him from.

- This article was updated on October 16th, 2023

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