All Fixer Gig Rewards in Cyberpunk 2077 (Updated for Phantom Liberty)

Final rewards for every major Fixer in Cyberpunk 2077.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Cyberpunk 2077 Girl with Car
Image: CD Projekt Red

From fast cars to Iconic weapons, Cyberpunk 2077 players can earn a ton of exclusive loot by completing Gigs. This guide covers every reward given by Fixers for completing all of their Gigs. Let’s do some cleaning, Samurai.

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Cyberpunk 2077: All Seven Fixer Gig Rewards

There are seven Fixers in Cyberpunk 2077 who offer exclusive rewards for completing every one of their Gigs. Six of these are accessible through the main game, though Mr Hands’ full questline requires the Phantom Liberty expansion.

Working for a Fixer already? Click any of the links below to jump to a Fixer and take a peek at all of their Gig rewards:

Wakako Okada Gig Reward

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, CD Projekt Red

Fixer: Wakako Okada
Location: Japantown, Westbrook
Main Reward: Byakko (Iconic Katana)

The Iconic Katana Byakko will enter your Stash once you complete the Professional Widow side job, unlocked after completing all of Wakako’s Gigs.

Wakako’s final Gig: A Shrine Defiled. Put a spring in your step with Byakko’s Iconic modifier, which allows you to leap at enemies like a true Samurai. After killing an enemy, you can also unleash a flurry of blows to the next foe in your way

All Wakako Gigs and Rewards:

Gig NameRequirementsReward
Tyger and Vulture1 Street Cred€$2,720
We Have Your Wife1 Street Cred€$2,720
Serious Side Effects1 Street Cred760 XP
Greed Never Pays1 Street Cred453 XP
Olive Branch1 Street Cred550 XP
Until Death Do Us Part1 Street Cred€$2,720
Getting Warmer10 Street Cred€$6,000
Wakako’s Favorite10 Street Cred€$6,000
A Shrine Defiled20 Street Cred€$6,260
Professional Widow (side job)Complete all Wakako GigsByakko

Muamar “El Capitán” Reyes Gig Reward

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, CD Projekt Red

Fixer: Muamar Reyes (El Capitán)
Location: Rancho Coranado, Santo Dominigo
Main Gig Reward: Bloody Maria (Iconic M2038 Tactician)

The Iconic M2038 Tactician: Bloody Maria is found in your Stash once you complete the Ride Captain Tide side job, unlocked after completing all of Muamar’s Gigs.

Bloody Maria‘s name suits it well, with its Iconic modifier increasing the chance of knockdown, bleeding, and dismemberment. Enemies dismembered by this shotgun will increase both reload speed and crit chance.

All Muamar Reyes Gigs and Rewards:

Gig NameRequirementsReward
Error 4041 Street Cred€$2,710
Race to the Top1 Street Cred760 XP
Serious Side Effects1 Street Cred760 XP
Breaking News20 Street Cred€$6,340
Family Matters20 Street Cred760 XP
Hacking the Hacker20 Street Cred760 XP
Cuckoo’s Nest20 Street Cred€$5,720
Severance Package20 Street Cred760 XP
Desperate MeasuresNone (Added in 1.6)€$17,610
For My Son35 Street Cred760 XP
Going-away Party35 Street Cred€$9,050
Ride Captain Ride (side job)Complete all Muamar GigsBloody Maria

Sebastian “Padre” Ibarra Gig Reward

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, CD Projekt Red

Fixer: Sebastian Ibarra (Padre)
Location: The Glen, Heywood
Main Gig Reward: Seraph (Iconic Liberty)
Additional Reward: Johnny’s pants

The Iconic Liberty: Seraph is found in your Stash once you complete the God Bless This Mess side job, unlocked after completing all of Sebastian “Padre” Ibarra’s Gigs.

You can also find Johnny Silverhand’s pants in a suitcase during the Psychofan Gig, so don’t miss it if you vibe with his style.

As a man of faith, Padre’s former pistol inflicts enemies with the “purifying flame of the Seraphim.” Basically, it sets them on fire, and bullets do increased damage while the enemy is burning.

All Sebastian Ibarra Gigs and Rewards:

Gig NameRequirementsReward
Fifth Column1 Street Cred€$3,170
Jeopardy1 Street Cred€$3,100
Life’s Work1 Street Cred€$3,100
On a Tight Leash1 Street Cred€$3,250
Bring Me the Head of Gustavo Orta1 Street Cred€$3,170
Old Friends1 Street Cred€$5,180
Psychofan1 Street Cred760 XP
Johnny’s pants
Eye for an Eye8 Street Cred€$7,120
Sr. Ladrillo’s Private Collection8 Street Cred€$18,200
The Lord Giveth and Taketh Away8 Street Cred€$12,820
Going Up or Down?16 Street Cred760 XP
1,710 SC
God Bless This Mess (side job)Complete all Sebastian GigsSeraph

Regina Jones Gig Reward


Fixer: Regina Jones
Location: Yaiba Tower, Kabuki, Watson
Main Gig Reward: Axolotl (Cyberware)
Additional Reward: Hypercritical (Iconic Koalc)

Axolotl, an Iconic Frontal Cortex Cyberware implant, is found in your Stash once you complete the Last Call side job, unlocked after completing all of Regina Jones’ Gigs.

While perhaps not as exciting as other final Gig rewards Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer, the Axolotl is still a decent implant. It reduces the cooldown of all cyberware by -5.0 – 7.5% after killing an enemy.

Thankfully, the Cyberunners update added the Hypercritical weapon as an exclusive reward in the Concrete Cage Trap gig. The Hypercritical is an Iconic version of the Rostović Kolac with an Iconic modifier that knocks down enemies and guarantees its final bullet deals crit damage.

All Regina Jones Gigs and Rewards:

Gig NameRequirementsReward
Hippocratic Oath1 Street Cred€$1,390
Many Ways to Skin a Cat1 Street Cred€$1,930
Monster Hunt1 Street Cred288 XP
Playing for Keeps1 Street Cred€$1,080
Rite of Passage4 Street Cred€$1,390
Dirty Biz1 Street Cred314 XP
707 SC
Troublesome Neighbors1 Street Cred262 XP
Welcome to America, Comrade1 Street Cred262 XP
Miltech M-10AF Lexington (Stealth only)
Backs Against the Wall1 Street Cred€$ 2,930
Carnage (Dependent on outcome)
Catch a Tyger’s toe1 Street Cred214 XP
Woman of La Mancha1 Street Cred€$3,700
Flight of the Cheetah1 Street Cred€$1,390
Shark in the Water1 Street Cred€$1,240
Last Login1 Street Cred€$ 4,110
Small Man, Big Evil4 Street Cred€$2,930
Bloodsport4 Street Cred€$3,610
Scrolls before Swine4 Street Cred€$2,160
Freedom of the Press8 Street Cred€$7,778
Lousy Kleppers8 Street Cred€$6,940
Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy15 Street Cred€$4,395
The Heisenberg Principle8 Street Cred€$3,930
Occupational Hazard8 Street Cred€$4,860
Concrete Cage TrapNone (Added in 1.6)1,000 XP
770 SC
Last Call (side job)Complete all Regina GigsAxolotl

Dakota Smith Gig Reward

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, CD Projekt Red

Fixer: Dakota Smith
Location: Dakota, Badlands,
Main Gig Reward: Mackinaw “Saguaro” vehicle

Once you complete the Every Grain of Sand side job received after completing all of Dakota Smith’s Gigs, you’ll find the Mackinaw “Saguaro” in your garage.

The Mackinaw “Saguaro” is a unique version of the Thorton Mackinaw, decorated with armor plating and souped up with modifications to make it perfect for a Nomad to call their home. I certainly won’t be sleeping in this thing, but I’ll take it for the bulletproof glass.

All Dakota Smith Gigs and Rewards:

Gig NameRequirementsReward
Dancing on a Minefield1 Street Cred€$2,320
Flying Drugs1 Street Cred712 XP
Big Pete’s Got Big Problems5 Street Cred760 XP
No Fixers5 Street Cred€$8,710
Trevor’s Last Ride5 Street Cred760 XP
MIA11 Street Cred€$8,580
Sparring Partner11 Street Cred760 XP
Goodbye, Night City11 Street Cred€$8,580
Radar Love11 Street Cred€$14,030
Grain of Sand (side job)Complete all Regina GigsMackinaw “Saguaro” car

Dino Dinovic Gig Reward

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, CD Projekt Red

Fixer: Dino Dinovic
Location: Electric Orgasm, Night City Center
Main Gig Reward: Quadra Type-66 640 TS (vehicle)

Once you complete the Gas Gas Gas side job received after completing all of Dino Dinovic’s Gigs, you’ll find the Quadra Type-66 640 TS in your garage. That’s a mouthful and a half.

The Type-66 640 TS is a unique Quadra sport car. This thing is fast, pretty, and probably my favorite Gig reward in Cyberpunk 2077. If cleaning out Night City sounds a little too tasking, you can get a similar car — the Turbo-R V Tech — by completing the Sex on Wheels side job after the Life’s Work Gig from Sebastian.

All Dino Dinovic Gigs and Rewards:

Gig NameRequirementsReward
A Lack of Empathy1 Street Cred€$3,410
An Inconvenient Killer9 Street Cred€$7,120
Serial Suicide9 Street Cred€$7,580
Guinea Pigs18 Street Cred€$19,230
The Frolics of Councilwoman Cole18 Street Cred€$7,270
Gas Gas Gas (side job)Complete all Dino GigsType-66 640 TS car

Mr. Hands Gig Reward

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, CD Projekt Red

Fixer: Mr. Hands
Location: Dogtown, Pacifica
Main Gig Reward: Quadra Sport R-7 “Sterling”
Additional Rewards: Ogou (Iconic A-22B Chao), Rosco (Iconic Overture), Pizdets (Iconic HA-7 Warden), Volkodav (Iconic Razor), Crimestopper (Iconic Tsunami Kappa), Hercules 3AX (Iconic Smart AR)

Mr. Hands has the most rewards out of any Fixer in Cyberpunk 2077, with a whopping six Iconic Weapons on top of his unique final reward, the Sport R-7 “Sterling.”

There’s a catch, though. All of his Iconic weapons are missable, and you need to own the Phantom Liberty DLC to complete every Gig.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, CD Projekt Red

The Sport R-7 “Sterling” is accessible in the garage once the Hi Ho Silver Lining side job is completed, following the completion of every Mr. Hands Gig. This car is gorgeous, ridiculously fast, and a reference to Archer. What more could you want?

Half of Mr. Hands’ Gigs have an Iconic weapon that’s completely missable. Since most of these revolve around quest spoilers, I won’t talk about them here — but you can see which weapons come from which Gig below.

All Mr Hands Gigs and Rewards:

Gig NameRequirementsReward
Two Wrongs Makes Us Right30 Street Cred€$8,580
Dogtown SaintsPhantom Liberty DLC
“Lucretia My Reflection” main job complete
1,832 XP
167 SC
Prototype in the ScraperPhantom Liberty DLC
“Lucretia My Reflection” main job complete
1,832 XP
167 SC
Treating SymptomsPhantom Liberty DLC
“Lucretia My Reflection” main job complete
1,832 XP
167 SC
Waiting for DodgerPhantom Liberty DLC
“Lucretia My Reflection” main job complete
The Man Who Killed Jason ForemanPhantom Liberty DLC
“Get It Together” main job complete
167 SC
Spy in the JunglePhantom Liberty DLC
“Get It Together” main job complete
1,832 XP
167 SC
Talent AcademyPhantom Liberty DLC
“Get It Together” main job complete
1,832 XP
167 SC
Heaviest of HeartsPhantom Liberty DLC
“Firestarter” main job complete
1,832 XP
167 SC
Roads to RedemptionPhantom Liberty DLC
“Firestarter” main job complete
1,832 XP
167 SC
Hercules 3AX
Hi Ho Silver Lining (side job)Complete all Mr. Hands GigsSport R-7 “Sterling” car

Well done, Samurai. You’ve cleaned up Night City and earned some awesome rewards. But let’s not stop there; check out our guide on obtaining the fastest car in Cyberpunk 2077.

- This article was updated on January 18th, 2024

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