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Check out the best weapon and armor codes in Skyrim!

by J.T. Isenhour , Christian Bognar
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Unless you are playing through Skyrim as a magic user, your weapon and armor choices will make or break your playthrough. Let’s go over the best weapons and armor codes in Skyrim.

Codes for the Best Armor and Weapons in Skyrim

Just like your race in an MMO, the weapon and armor you pick in Skyrim can determine your playstyle and how difficult the game is. Trying to fight an endgame boss with a wooden sword can be quite the hard time. But using Chillrend on the same boss will let you have a much easier time.

Heavy Armor

Daedric Armor – 0001396D,0001396B,0001396A,0001396C

Deadric Armor is the best armor you can get out of a full set, there are some helmets that you can wear that will give you a few more armor points over the Deadric Helmet but for a full armor set the Deadric is the best you will find.

Ebony Mail – 00052794

While the Ebony Mail does not have as high of an armor stat as Daedric Armor it does have some interesting perks that make it worthwhile. For starters it comes with a built-in muffle enchant, which makes you silent when sneaking, thus canceling the negative effects of wearing heavy armor. The armor also features a unique aura ability that applies a five damage per second effect to anybody near you when you are in combat. This will apply to almost every NPC in the game.

Light Armor

Ancient Shrouded Armor – 000E1F15,000E1F17,000E1F16,000E1F14

All of the effects the armor set offers will outclass most other sets of armor in the game. Sneak damage, bow damage, poison resistance, and muffled steps are all given to you when you are wearing the full set. You can mix and match this set with the basic shrouded armor set to get exactly what you want and you don’t have to worry about messing up your look.

Nightingale Armor – 000FCC0F,000FCC0D,000FCC11,000FCC12

Another really solid light armor set that provides a bunch of perks when worn. This set can be worn by any thief and even by some mages as it offers spell cost reduction. Wearing the full set will give you 40 extra stamina points, 50% frost resistance, the muffled effect, 25% easier lockpicking, 25% more damage on one-handed attacks, and a 17% cost reduction on illusion spells. While you may not get much of a benefit on the spell cost reduction if you are playing as a thief, it can be nice to have if you are multiclassing.



Blade of Woe – 0009CCDC

Featuring both high base damage and a decent enchantment, this is a solid dagger to use. The enchantment it has gives you a little bit of lifesteal in combat which can give you the edge in any tough fight. It does not have a lot of charges to use with its enchantment but if you wear some jewelry to decrease the charges used it can be quite useful.

Mehrunes’ Razor -000240D2

This dagger does only one less damage than the Blade of Woe but its enchant’s usefulness is based on luck. Mehrunes’ Razor’s enchant has a 2% chance of activating each time it is swung. If the enchantment activates it will instantly kill whatever it hits, no matter what it is. Even bosses can install die if hit with this dagger. It works well as an offhand weapon as the damage is on the higher end of all daggers.


Mace of Molag Bal – 000233E3

This mace drains 25 points of the target’s stamina and magicka with each swing as well as casting soul trap on the target for 3 seconds. It also has the second most base damage for maces in the game. The mace is great for filling up soul gems and dealing with any trick mages that like to throw up a ward.

One-Handed Swords

Chillrend – 000F8318

With a chance to paralyze the target for two seconds with each swing and dealing 30 frost damage to health and stamina, this sword is a great option for any build. Paralysis can chain in Skyrim, so there is always a chance to chain paralyze your enemy and win the fight with ease. The extra health and stamina damage will also make any melee battle swing in your favor.


Nightingale Blade – 000F6527

Pairing nicely with the Nightingale armor set, this blade also has a special enchantment on it. Each swing from this sword will absorb 25 health and stamina points from your target, making it similar to the Blade of Woe but slightly better. Of course, a sword does not swing as fast as a dagger so it might be a bit slower at healing you but in a drawn-out fight, this sword does have more charges than the Blade of Woe.


Tsun’s Battleaxe – 0005BF19

This battleaxe is only obtainable with console commands as it is an NPC-only weapon. The weapon doesn’t have any special enchantments but does have the most damage of all the battleaxes in the game.

Wuuthrad – 000956B5

This battleaxe is perfect for someone that really hates any of the elves in Skyrim as its special effect is to do more damage against any elf. This is not an enchantment so you can apply one of your own on top of the extra elf damage to make this quite the strong battleaxe.


Bloodskal Blade xx01aea4 (the first two digits can change depending on what mods you have installed)

The interesting part of this greatsword is the energy blast that you can fire out of it. The blast will cover about 15 feet and can go through walls. The blast will be horizontal or vertical depending on how you swing the sword. The energy wave can also go through walls and hit multiple enemies at once, giving you a bit of a ranged option for your melee build.


Volendrung – 0002ACD2

The basic enchantment on this Warhammer allows you to absorb 50 stamina with each swing. This works well for a Warhammer build as you will want to mostly be power attacking with this weapon type.


Trollsbane – 0006AF63

this Warhammer has a custom fire enchantment on it that only affects trolls. However, you can upgrade this Warhammer the same way you would a normal steel Warhammer. This is a great hammer for the early game since that is when you will have the most trouble dealing with trolls.


Karliah’s Bow – 000DEED8

This bow is another NPC-only weapon, meaning you can only get this with the use of console commands. The main reason you will want to use this bow is that it has the highest base damage in the game of all bows. While other bows can get higher damage than Karliah’s Bow, without smithing them you won’t find a bow better than this.

Nightingale Bow – 000F652C

IF you are willing to upgrade a bow, then look no further than the Nightingale Bow. On top of decent damage, the enchantments on this bow add an extra 30 points of frost damage and 15 points of shock damage on top of your arrow damage. All around a solid bow for any archer build.



Dragonscale Shield – 00013941

For light armor, you can find no better shield in base Skyrim than this. this has the second highest armor rating of all the light shields in the game, being only .5 armor below the DLC shield.

Stalhrim Shieldxx026237 (Depending on what mods you have installed the first two numbers can change)

This is the best light armor shield in the game. If you apply the resist frost enchantment to this child it will be 25% more effective than any other shield with it applied to it.

Daedric Shield – 0001396E

This is the best heavy armor shield in the game. No other heavy armor shield can compare to the base armor stat of the Daedric shield.

How to Enter Codes for Skyrim

If you want to obtain all the excellent armor and weapon pieces mentioned, you must know how to input the codes. These codes are essentially cheats, and to enter them, you need to use the Command Center for the game. To access the PC Commands Console, hit the tilde (~) key. Next, input the code of the weapon or armor piece you wish to have and then hit enter.

If you aren’t familiar with the location of the tilde key, know that it is usually located above the tab key on the keyboard.

Unfortunately, if you are playing Skyrim on Xbox or PlayStation, these codes are unavailable as there is no way to enter them on the console version.

For niche builds there may be some armor or weapons that work better than these listed. But for most players, these weapons and armors will work well for them. If you need any more help with Skyrim make sure to check out our other guides.

- This article was updated on November 6th, 2023

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