Skyrim Pearlfish Location: Where to Catch Pearlfish

Here are the best ways to catch Pearlfish.

by Noah Nelson


Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is here, folks, and with it, fishing! Relatively easy to find and get started, fishing in Skyrim offers a new way to role-play. Who would have thought that after 10 years, there would still be new ways to play? There are many new fish to try and collect, but here is how to get Pearlfish in Skyrim.

As mentioned before, Skyrim has a new Anniversary Edition, making it the latest release of The Elder Scrolls V. With it came many new updates, from finding and using Flawed Varla Stone to new questlines like Saints and Seducers. There are many changes to Anniversary Edition from Special Edition that make the new edition… well, special. Check in for new Skyrim Guides every day.

How to Start Fishing

Before all you bright-eyed fisherfolk get to reeling, you’ll need to first find a pole. Luckily, in Skyrim, you won’t need any special kinds of bait, so for that, you’re off the hook. Also, there is no special quest to obtain a fishing rod. The best way to get your hands on a fishing rod is to find one at a designated fishing area throughout the map, buy one from any trader in any city for around 30 gold, or craft one yourself with one iron ingot and firewood at a forge. Once you’ve got that, you’re ready to score some Pearlfish.

Where to Fish

Like I mentioned previously, unlike other games with fishing in them, you can’t just fish anywhere in Skyrim. There are select bodies of water that allow for fishing. If you’re curious about where all of these fishing locations are, check out this guide. Many general stores will carry fishing maps to help you on your way, too. There is also a nice fishing quest that you can do by finding the Fishery in Riften and talking with the owner. Be sure to read all the fishing literature you can, as they will provide helpful tips to become a fishing master.

How to Find and Catch Pearlfish in Skyrim

It is relatively easy to find and catch Pearlfish in Skyrim. Just west of the Dawnstar Sanctuary, you will find the best spot for Pearlfish. Here, you can swim into the water and catch them with your bare hands, or cast your line and earn your reward. Waiting 24 hours will replenish the fish in a given area. You can also find Pearlfish randomly while fishing the Riften river or other parts of the map, but it isn’t a surefire way to catch Pearlfish.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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