Sonic Frontiers: All Red Star Rings in 1-2

Sonic 3 vibes, now with more red rings.

by Elliott Gatica

1-2 of Sonic Frontiers is a remixed version of Sky Sanctuary, and like the other zones in the game, there are five red star rings to be found. If you have some trouble finding the rings, we have you covered. These are the locations for all of them along with screenshots to accompany them.

All Red Star Rings for 1-2 in Sonic Frontiers

The rings collected will be sorted based on the order they appear in your UI.

Ring 1


The first ring cannot be missed. Once you finally gain control of Sonic after the initial running cutscene, you are given this immediately.

Ring 2


While still on the first running section, stay as centered as possible. The easiest way to get to ring 2 is by simply running on the bottom path. When you start to slowly make your way up, the red star ring will be right between two boost pads.

Ring 3


After the first checkpoint, there’s a triple rail grinding section. Stay on the middle rail the entire way, even hitting the spring. Do not jump or dash in the air while hitting the spring. You’ll land right where you need to so you can get the third ring.

Ring 4


After the second checkpoint, there’s yet another triple rail grinding section. Once again, stay on the middle lane, jumping over the spike traps laid out on this lane. When you see the red boost ring between jumps, go through it. The ring will propel you directly toward the fourth ring of this stage.

Ring 5


After the third checkpoint, follow the main path. This includes grinding on the rail. You’ll eventually run into the fifth and final ring of this level. If you’re trying to hit the S-rank time on this level, you’re most likely not taking this path.

Now that you have all five rings for this stage, make sure to stay tuned on how to get all of them for the next levels. That way, you’re even closer to snagging additional emerald Vault Keys.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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