Sonic Frontiers: All Red Star Rings in 1-3

Jumping into a cyberdimensional industrial city, with red rings?

by Elliott Gatica

In the chaotic city depicted on this level, the rings are going to be a bit more hidden compared to past levels. Don’t feel discouraged, the red star rings in 1-3 in Sonic Frontiers can still be obtained in one fell swoop. Also, don’t try to get all of these and the S-rank time in one go. You can do these separately and complete all the objectives.

All Red Star Rings for 1-3 in Sonic Frontiers

The rings shown are acquired according to which place they are in the UI.

Ring 1


At the start of the level, keep looking out for the second rail you can grind. On that one, the first red ring will be sitting at the right end of it. There’s a booster followed right by it as an indicator of where to go.

Ring 2


Directly after the first ring, there is a ramp you can jump off from. Followed by that jump, perform a series of homing dashes on the blue balloons. On the last balloon, jump into the booster ring that will shoot you directly to ring 2.

Ring 3


After that long drop down into the trick spring that propels you backward, there’s a platforming section where you can fall to your death. The platform that further leads on with the rest of the level will have the third ring. This is nearly impossible to miss.

Ring 4


After the giant loop, make sure to hit the spring. This will get you to another grinding section. Basically, do not jump at all. You will automatically head onto the top section containing the fourth red ring if you follow the spring’s path.

Ring 5


The last one may be gotten without you even realizing it. After the big loop and grinding sections, there’s a wall and a spring. By taking the spring and holding right, you’ll most likely grab the red ring sitting in that corner below the platform.

With all five rings for this level in hand, you’re even closer to getting another Chaos Emerald. With all the Vault Keys you may have gotten this far, you’re even closer to getting to the next island.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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