Sonic Frontiers: Which Skills to Unlock First?

The best upgrade path.

by Elliott Gatica

As a means of adding some diversity to the platforming nature of Sonic the Hedgehog, Frontiers has a combat system. The gameplay goes beyond spin dashing to take down your opponents. There is an actual skill tree, adding further depth to Sonic’s strength and lethality. You’ll reach a point where you can start to pick and choose what you want, so these are the skills you should unlock first in Sonic Frontiers.

Which Skills Should You Unlock First in Sonic Frontiers?

Every player will unlock the Cyloop and Phantom Rush abilities in the same order, so those cannot be changed. After Phantom Rush, you can go either left or right. Level up the rest of your skills in this order:

  • Sonic Boom
  • Air Trick
  • Stomp Attack
  • Quick Cyloop
  • Wild Rush
  • (Optional) Auto Combo
  • Homing Shot
  • Spin Slash
  • Recovery Smash
  • Loop Kick

While you can pick the skills at your own pace, this order covers most ground when it comes to any tricks and gimmicks that enemies may pull on you. The order that should be followed more carefully is from Sonic Boom to Wild Rush.

Sonic Boom is an extremely powerful aerial attack that can be spammed to take down enemies from afar. It also allows you to stay afloat longer, bypassing some attack reset sequences in Guardian boss battles.

Air Trick is good for building up early-game experience. As you’re still exploring the open world, you’re going to be jumping off ramps, rails, and rings that will give you enough momentum to perform these said Air Tricks. This passive experience gained along with fighting enemies will go a long way.


Next, Sonic’s Stomp attack is a good way to take down enemies with an overhead weakness. While you can already perform a stomp by pressing your slide button mid-air, this one specifically gives you the attack to perform in the middle of a combo. It’ll also be useful for later bosses.

Quick Cyloop allows you to skip the process of creating a loop to remove a defensive ability of an enemy. This can ensure that you do not lose momentum during a battle. It’ll also be easier to prevent your combo from dropping, allowing for Phantom Rush to be activated more frequently.

With the rest of the abilities, they can be followed in that order, but it’s only the first half that’s more important and will make exploring the islands easier in the long run. Just know that the further down you go into the skill tree, the more experience points/ Skill Pieces you will need to get them.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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