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Spellbreak Combos – How to Combine Gauntlet Attacks

Become a master caster with these combos.

by Brandon Adams


Spellbreak is a battle royale with a magical twist on the formula: mages sling spells at one another using combos to devastating effect. Do you prefer the damage-over-time poison of the Toxic gauntlet with the sniping acumen of Ice? There are Spellbreak combos for those two. Maybe you’re more of a Wind fan – you can counter Fire with your spells. Knowing all the Spellbreak combos will provide you an edge over the competition, so it’s time to get smart and become a better spellcaster.

Below I’ll list the Spellbreak combos by gauntlet in order of appearance on the class select screen, with each combo and how to trigger it listed underneath in a similar order. Alt-Casts will be mentioned first, since they tend to have the punchiest effects when comboed. This will be a meaty guide with some some minor duplication (I’m assuming people will skip straight to their main class and overlook the other gauntlets), so don’t be afraid to jump straight to the gauntlet and combos you care about.


Spellbreak Combos

  • Toxic
    • Boulderfall will block Toxic Spray, and remove any Toxic puddles it strikes.
    • Boulderfall can be blocked by Toxic Clouds.
    • Shockwave will also remove toxic puddles from the ground, but the clouds will remain.
  • Wind
    • Boulderfall can change the direction of Tornado.
    • It can also block Wind Shear attacks; great for dealing damage while mitigating incoming attacks.
  • Fire
    • Boulderfall can be caught on fire by flinging it through flames. As a bonus, it’ll leave a flaming puddle behind where it lands.
    • Shockwave will also catch on fire, passing straight through flames and leaving a trail of fire in its path.
    • Shockwave can block Fireballs.
  • Electric
    • Boulderfall can block Lightning Bolts.
    • Shockwave and Lightning Bolts can cancel each other, but this is harder to pull off.
  • Frost
    • Boulderfall will freeze when struck by an Ice Lance, or after passing through a Flash Freeze zone.
    • Boulderfall will create ice blocks after passing through an ice puddle.
    • Shockwave breaks ice – including frozen puddles and blocks. It will also remove water puddles.


Toxicologist Combos

  • Stone
    • Toxic Cloud can block Boulderfall.
    • Toxic Spray on the ground will be removed by both Boulderfall and Shockwave (the latter will leave Toxic Clouds behind)
  • Wind
    • Toxic Cloud will counter a Tornado, but will be consumed in the process.
    • Toxic Spray can be added to a Tornado for poisonous effect (and then exploded afterwards with fire).
  • Fire
    • Toxic Cloud will become a fire cloud when struck by a Fireball, causing an explosion.
    • Toxic Spray will mix with both Flamewall and flame puddles, but the wall can only be altered segment by segment.
  • Electric
    • Toxic Cloud and toxic puddles can be electrified by Lightning Bolts.
    • Toxic Spray will absorb lightning from any source, and apply its damage to whomever it strikes.
  • Frost
    • Toxic Clouds are nullified and frozen by Ice Lance. This means clouds can be used to block Ice Lance attacks.
    • Toxic Spray will convert ice puddles into toxic puddles, leaving behind a Toxic Cloud.


Tempest Combos

  • Stone
    • Tornado will change direction towards a Boulderfall.
    • Wind Shear can be blocked by Boulderfall.
  • Toxic
    • Tornado will become poisonous if struck by Toxic Spray, or placed on a toxic puddle (and will explode when hit with fire).
    • Wind Shear can become toxic when passing through toxic puddles or mist.
    • Wind Shear can destroy Toxic Clouds, but only after five hits. It can also alter the cloud’s placement.
  • Fire
    • Tornado can be imbued with fire if struck by a Fireball, or passes through fire of any sort.
    • Wind Shear will counter fire: it can be used to remove segments from Flamewall, and to put out flames elsewhere.
  • Electric
    • Tornado will become electrified when struck by Lightning Bolt or Lightning Strike.
    • Wind Shear will collect lightning it passes through, adding it to its damage.
  • Frost
    • Tornado will deflect Ice Lance, and purge any ice it encounters.
    • Wind Shear will destroy ice puddles and create slowing ice mist that will eventually freeze any player caught in it.
    • Wind Shear will not pass through Flash Freeze.


Pyromancer Combos

  • Stone
    • Flamewall and Fireball will ignite Shockwave attacks, leaving a flaming fissure in the ground.
    • Flames will also ignite Boulderfall.
    • Fireball can be blocked by Shockwave.
  • Toxic
    • Flamewall segments will become toxic when struck by Toxic Spray.
    • Fireballs will combine with Toxic Clouds to become fire clouds, leading to a volatile explosion.
    • Tossing fire of any sort into a toxic puddle will combine the two effects.
  • Wind
    • Flamewall and Fireball can be countered by Wind Shear – it will pass through both.
    • Fireball can ignite a Tornado, and a flaming Tornado can be detonated after with a toxic attack.
  • Electric
    • Flamewall will not stop Lightning Strike.
    • Fireballs, however, will attract Lightning Bolts and reduce their damage.
  • Frost
    • Flamewall and Fireball will both be extinguished by Ice Lance and Flash Freeze.
    • Fireball melts ice – will turn any ice on the ground into water.


Conduit Combos

  • Stone
    • Lightning Bolts can be blocked by both Boulderfall and Shockwave.
    • Shockwave and Lightning Bolts will cancel each other out.
  • Toxic
    • Lightning Strike and Lightning Bolts will both electrify Toxic Clouds and toxic puddles.
    • Lightning Bolt is blocked by Toxic Clouds.
  • Wind
    • Lightning Strike and Lightning Bolt will electrify Tornado.
    • Lightning from any source will electrify Wind Shear.
  • Fire
    • Lightning Strike will be pulled towards any Flamewall it is near.
    • Lightning Bolt will pass through Flamewall, but to no additional effect.
  • Frost
    • Lightning Strike and Lightning Bolt will electrify ice and water puddles for additional damage.
    • Lightning Strike and Lightning Bolt will turn steam into ice . . . electric ice!


Frostborn Combos

  • Stone
    • Ice of any sort is shattered by Shockwave, with the exception of large ice blocks.
    • Flash Freeze or Ice Lance can freeze Boulderfall.
    • Ice puddles will become mist when struck by Boulderfall.
  • Toxic
    • Flash Freeze and Ice Lance will freeze Toxic Spray and toxic puddles.
    • Flash Freeze, Ice Lance, or ice on the ground will convert Toxic Clouds into large ice blocks, freezing those around them.
  • Wind
    • Ice puddles will become ice mist when struck by Wind Shear.
    • Ice Lance will be pulled towards Tornado, and Tornado will also purge all ice puddles and mist it contacts.
  • Fire
    • Flash Freeze will block Flamewalls, and convert fire into ice mist and steam which will freeze players.
    • Ice Lance will destroy segments of Flamewalls.
    • Ice will become steam puddles with hit by Fireballs; Ice Lance will turn this steam into large ice blocks.
  • Electric
    • Ice Lance will be electrified by Lightning Strike while passing through.
    • Ice puddles will become electrified by Lightning Bolts.
    • Ice turning into steam will become a block of ice if struck by Lightning Bolts, and they will also be electrified.

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