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Star Wars Battlefront Guide: How to Beat the Imperial Walkers

by Kyle Hanson


The rebels have it pretty rough in Star Wars Battlefront and its Walker Assault mode. The Imperials have the upper hand from the moment the game starts, having to focus on almost nothing but killing other players. The rebels on the other hand, have to actually work together to take down the AT-AT walkers if they want to win. Each map varies the gameplay a bit, with Hoth featuring two walkers, while Endor only has the one. Either way though, the strategy largely remains the same, so here’s some quick tips for how to be the Imperials in Star Wars Battlefront’s Walker Assault mode.

Play the Objective

First and foremost, the rebels have to play the objective. You need to queue up as many Y-Wing bombers as you can, as these determine how long the AT-AT is vulnerable to your attacks. You and your teammates need to capture the points marked on your HUD, and hold them while they charge up. Focus in on one in particular for yourself, but move to the other if things seem calm in your area. You need to capture these points and keep them in rebel hands or you won’t get the Y-Wings needed to attack the AT-AT.

Stick Together

Working together, sweeping in as a team, is the main way to capture an objective. Once you move in, you can all take a defensive position, but the key is to have more than one or two rebel soldiers together at any time. This will also help if a villain spawns, as you can work together to take him down. Running off on your own, getting killed and respawning over and over again just wastes time that the rebels don’t have.

Find an Orbital Strike

This is the number one key to winning as the rebels in Star Wars Battlefront’s Walker Assault mode. Run around the map gathering as many power-ups as you can, burning them quickly if they aren’t an orbital strike. Once you have one, you need to save it. You only want to use it on the AT-AT’s when they are vulnerable to attack. Once they are, pop your orbital strike, target the nearest AT-AT and fire right on their front. If you do it right they’ll get hit with most of the attack. In the beta this was able to take a walker from 100% health down to 30% very easily, and near 0% if done particularly well.

Hopefully these tips help you win as the rebels in Star Wars Battlefront Walker Assault. The first two are important, giving you the opening you need to deal a lethal blow to the Empire. However, the third point is pivotal, so be sure to run around, grabbing power-ups as much as possible in order to find that elusive orbital strike. Once you have one, and use it well, you’ll be the hero of the team.

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