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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – All Abilities

Use these skills to explore the depths of each planet.

by Brandon Adams


Cal and BD-1 learn a bevy of new abilities throughout the course of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and some of you want to know what they all are. Naturally, there are minor spoilers below, so if you wanna go in pure as virgin snow, then I recommend maybe checking out our review, or our other guides first.

There are ten abilites for Cal, and seven for BD-1.

As you progress through Fallen Order, you’ll stumble upon major story beats, workbenches, and temples that will reward the dynamic duo with additional abilities that will allow them to access more areas within each planet. While some can be found at your own pace (mostly BD-1’s abilities), the majority will be earned in sequence as you press the main objective.

Listed below are all the abilities for both Cal and BD-1, in order of appearance for each respective character, and their location (again: there be spoilers here).

  • Cal
    • Lightsaber (Bracca)
    • Slow (Bracca)
    • Wall Run (Bogano)
    • Push (Zeffo)
    • Pull (Zeffo)
    • Underwater Breather (Kashyyyk)
    • Jedi Flip (Kashyyyk)
    • Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Dathomir, Bogano, or Kashyyyk)
    • Climbing Claws (Dathomir)
    • Split Saber (Ilum)
  • BD-1
    • Holomap (Bogano)
    • Stim Canisters (Bogano)
    • Scomp Link (Zeffo)
    • Overcharge (Kashyyyk)
    • Slice: Security Droid (Kashyyyk)
    • Powered Zipline (Zeffo)
    • Slice: Probe Droid (Zeffo)


The double-bladed lightsaber is unique in that it has three available methods of acquisition. The earliest is on Dathomir, before heading to Zeffo. If you skip that method, then you can return to Bogano after you obtain both the Force Push and the Scomp Link to access the Ancient Workshop. If you somehow skip both these methods, then you’ll get it much later in game on Kashyyyk at a workbench right before a boss fight.

The Slice skills for BD-1 are the only true optional abilities in the list: Scomp Link may be easy to miss, but it will become essential later in game, and all the other abilities will be earned as you move forward with the story.

Those are all the abilities available to Cal and BD-1 is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Check out our review to see what we thought of the game, and be sure to check out our guides page for additional Fallen Order guides!

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