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Star Wars Squadrons Crossplay Guide

Play with friends and destroy Rebel scum together.

by Brandon Adams


Star Wars: Squadrons has full crossplay support, and for those of you eager to kill your Rebel scum friends on other platforms will be able to do so. Crossplay in Star Wars: Squadrons is on by default, but there are a few things you should know.

Star Wars: Squadrons crossplay is automatically enabled, and friends are pulled from your EA account.

Star Wars: Squadrons crossplay has to be turned off if you have zero desire to play with people on other platforms, though there is a single hurdle for PC players to jump through if they wish to take full advantage of it. Considering the game supports flight sticks on consoles and PC, and has solid controller inputs, there’s no real point in doing so. This isn’t a first-person shooter where twitchy mouse and keyboard players can easily wreck console players, but you do you.

The crossplay toggle in Squadrons can be found under EA Account within the settings. Disabling it will lock you to your ecosystem, and there is no way to pick and choose which platforms you play with, nor is there a way to filter by input type. Again, that doesn’t really matter in Star Wars: Squadrons, but I’m not here to judge. One final note on that front: VR players are woven into the whole crossplay tapestry, so if you don’t want to play against VR players, well, you better invest in an Xbox.

Console players won’t have to do anything to enable full crossplay, but PC players will need to sign into their EA Account if they are playing on either Steam or Epic. This is because your friends list is pulled from EA’s systems. So long as you sign in you’re connected. From there you can open the Social tab and find your full EA friends list. You can also add people to your EA friends list for some exhilarating Star Wars: Squadrons crossplay dogfighting, so if your friends are on other platforms just grab their ID, go to Social, and add them from there. After that you can invite anyone from your friends list into your group.

- This article was updated on:October 2nd, 2020

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