Starfield New Game Plus Companion Locations: Andreja, Sam, Barrett, & Lin

Learn how to find all companions in new game plus for Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Companions in Starfield
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Companions are always great in any Bethesda game, with Starfield having some of the best ones. The player can become close with these companions, so it’s a shame when you enter into new game plus, and how to find them becomes confusing. This guide will discuss where you can find all companions in Starfield’s new game plus, including Andreja, Sam, Barrett, and Lin.

How to Find All Starfield Companions in New Game Plus

The good news is that players can find all companions again in new game plus for Starfield. Below we have compiled a list of all companions and how to find them on your second (or more) journey through the game.

  • Andreja – Collect all artifacts again, and she will appear at The Lodge.
  • Same Coe – Collect all artifacts again, and he will appear at The Lodge.
  • Barrett – Found in Vectera hanging with Lin.
  • Lin – Found in Vectera hanging with Barrett.

There are 24 artifacts players must find to have Andreja and Sam Coe spawn at The Lodge. As for Barrett and Lin, you can find them on Vectera, which is located on the Anselon planet in the Narion star system. When you find Barrett, he will offer a quest that wasn’t available in the initial playthrough.

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Your universe may differ from mine, but this is how I found all the companions in New Game Plus. According to some players on the Starfield Reddit thread, some have had luck by skipping the main quest when first talking to Sarah at The Lodge. Doing so caused all companions to spawn at The Lodge after a few in-game days.

From my experience, when I skipped the main quest line, my companions didn’t appear at The Lodge. Instead, I had to find each companion by completing the steps mentioned earlier in this guide. Overall, it looks like the new game plus universes and methods to find companions can differ between players.

- This article was updated on October 2nd, 2023

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