Starfield Outpost XP Glitch for Unlimited XP and Skill Points (Working Xbox and PC)

Level up fast in Starfield.

by Diego Perez
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Starfield is a massive game with a huge array of skills to level up. Leveling up your character and earning skill points can be frustratingly slow though, so of course players have found a way to speed up the leveling process. Using the game’s outpost-building system, you can amass infinite experience points and skill points to max out all of your Starfield skills without even firing a gun. Plus, this works on both Xbox and PC! Hurry and do this Starfield XP exploit before it gets patched.

How to Do the Starfield Outpost XP Glitch

This outpost XP glitch is shockingly simple. All you’re going to do is build an outpost with some Resource Extractors, skip time to let them gather raw materials, and then spam craft some basic components to rake in a ton of XP. It’s basically the iron dagger smithing exploit from Skyrim all over again.

Buying the Materials

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To start, head to Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis. Speak to the vendor and purchase their entire stock of the following materials:

  • Adaptive Frames
  • Aluminum
  • Beryllium
  • Cobalt
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Lubricant
  • Nickel
  • Tungsten
  • Zero Wire

You’re going to need a large chunk of cash to acquire all of these. After you buy everything, head outside and sit in a chair to pass the time. Wait for 24 hours and the shop’s inventory will reset, allowing you to buy more of the items listed above. Once you have 20+ of each item on the list, you’re ready for the next step.

Building the Outpost

With the materials in hand, jump to the Narion system to the top-right of Alpha Centauri. Then, land on Andraphon, the moon of Sumati. This is the second planet in the solar system. The moon is important because it’s home to both Aluminum and Iron. Any planet with both resources works, but this one is the closest.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Scan the moon and land on a part of the planet where the brown Iron regions and the dark Aluminum regions are next to one another. Once you land, use your scanner and press the Outpost button to start building an Outpost. Don’t place the Outpost Beacon just yet though: pay attention to the Available Resources icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Once it says both Iron and Aluminum, you can build your Outpost.

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Once you’ve found a suitable location, set up an Outpost with plenty of Resource Extractors for both Iron and Aluminum. Then, build some Storage units (for solid resources, not liquid or gas) and link them with the Resource Extractors. Finally, build enough Solar Arrays to power the entire setup. Once that’s all set up, build an industrial workbench somewhere nearby.

Performing the XP Glitch

Once your Outpost has started extracting Iron and Aluminum, jump to the Sol system and land on Venus. Then, get up and find a chair or bed on your ship to pass the time. Choosing Venus is important because passing one hour on Venus will pass 100 hours of universal time. Starting to see how this all comes together? Wait 24 hours on Venus and then go back to your Outpost.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Collect all of the Iron and Aluminum from your Storage units and then approach your Industrial Workbench. Craft as many Adaptive Frames as you can. They just require Iron and Aluminum to craft, which you now have thousands of. Rinse and repeat until you earn as much XP as you want. If you place a bed at your Outpost, you can even sleep to gain a Well-Rested XP boost too!

- This article was updated on September 12th, 2023

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