Starfield Ship Weapon Tier List: Best Ship Weapons Ranked

Complete your ship with the best ship weapons in all of Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Best Ships Starfield
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Having a good ship in Starfield is just the start, as you will need to pair it with one of the best ship weapons available. This guide will cover the best ship weapons in Starfield.

What Are the Best Ship Weapons in Starfield?

Before we go over the best ship weapons in Starfield, we must know what each weapon focuses on. Below are all the weapon types and an explanation of what they do.

  • Laser (LAS): Generally deals more damage to the ship’s shield.
  • Ballistic (BAL): Generally deals more damage to a ship’s hull or health.
  • Missile (MSL): Slow fire rate, requires a lock on, but deals high damage.
  • Particle Beam (PAR): Balanced and all-around weapon.
  • Electromagnetic (EM): Damages and turns off a ship’s systems.

With that out of the way, here is our tier list of the best ship weapons in Starfield.

SCE-59 Missile Launcher (Missile), Atlatl 280C Missile Launcher (Missile), Atlatl 270B (Ballistic), PB-30 Electron Beam (EM), Vanguard Hellfire Autocannon (Ballistic), Vanguard Obliterator Auto-Projector (Particle)
AObliterator 250MeV Alpha Turret (Particle), Supaku 250GC (EM).
BPBO-100 (Particle), PBO 175 Helium Beam (Particle).

As you can see, the tier list only consists of S, A, and B. The reason for this is that we believe the best ship weapons in Starfield are all good enough to surpass a C-tier ranking.


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Dealing upwards of 15.40 damage in rapid shot fashion, the PBO-100 is very effective against enemy ships’ shields and hulls. Considering the weapon is a particle beam, it has a solid range and high accuracy to match. The only downfall of the PBO-100 is that it demands a high amount of power, meaning you’ll need a solid reactor attached to your ship to sustain it.

PBO 175 Helion Beam

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Particle weapons are a trendy choice in Starfield, and the PBO 175 Helium Beam is a testament to why that is true. Although expensive, costing around 12,000 credits, it’s worth it as it has excellent range, solid fire rate, and a hull and shield damage of 29 for both. That last stat is most important, considering the PBO 175 can destroy both the shield and hull simultaneously at the same rate, speeding up combat encounters.

Obliterator 250MeV Alpha Turret

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With a long and cool sounding name, Obliterator 250MeV Alpha Turret, it better has the stats to match. The good news is that it does, as it has a shield and hull damage of 55. Match that number with its fire rate of 1.5; then, you have a weapon that can destroy an enemy shield and hull in no time. This especially rings true considering it’s a particle, where they specialize in destroying those specific parts of ships. Just be prepared to cough up 15,000 credits for the pleasure.

Supaku 250GC

Any space pirate will want a high-powered EM weapon, and a solid choice is the Supaku 250GC Suppressor. This EM weapon has a maximum power consumption of 6, is a class A, and boasts an incredible EM damage of 54. That stat is a massive standout as it is the highest for any class A EM weapon for ships, making it one of the best ones in the game. Be prepared to cause an electromagnetic surge at a quicker rate, allowing for easier onboarding for stealing goods. You will become the ultimate space pirate with the Supaku 250GC Suppressor.

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CE-59 Missile Launcher

One of the best missile launchers in the game is the CE-59 Missile Launcher. Boasting an impressive shield and hull DPS of 51, this weapon hits like a truck and will make your enemies not know what hit them. Considering it’s a missile launcher, though, make sure to pair it with a faster weapon, as missile launchers take a long time to fire.

Atlatl 280C Missile Launcher

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I don’t know what it is about Atlatl weapons, but it’s a name that produces some of the best ship weapons in Starfield. You will notice this in the next two in this list. First, we have the Atlatl 280C Missile Launcher, which demands a weapon level requirement of 43. Still, it’s worth it, as it has a shield and hull DPS of 149. The fire rate is only one, but that is okay, considering it can reach a damage output of 264 per shot. Yes, that is per shot.

Atlatl 270B

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If you want to take control of the skies and absolutely destroy enemy ships in your path, the Atlatl 270B will be your best friend. This top-notch ballistic weapon is a beast that boasts a hull and shield damage of 68 and a range that can reach upwards of over 4000 meters. The fire rate is meager, but that doesn’t necessarily matter, considering each shot fired will severely damage the enemy. It’s highly recommended to pair this weapon with a weapon with a higher firing rate, mainly to help with encounters that have waves of enemy ships.

PB-30 Electron Beam

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At times, it can be challenging to get a ton of credits, so having a cheap option for a weapon is a must. This is where the PB-30 Electron Beam comes in, which costs an incredibly low amount of 3,038 credits. Don’t let the low price scare you off, though, as it is a well-balanced particle weapon with a fire rate of 3.49, shield and hull damage of 13, and a decent range to pick off enemies from afar. This is one of the best early-game ship weapons in Starfield that is cheap while not sacrificing potential.

Vanguard Hellfire Autocannon

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Speaking of cheap weapons, there are even better options for those on a budget. The Vanguard Hellfire Autocannon is even more affordable than the PB-30 Electron Beam, costing only 2,337 credits, and even deals more damage. This powerful ballistic weapon has a shield of 5 and hull damage of 18 per second, with a whopping fire rate of 7.5. This makes it one of, if not the best, B class weapons in all Starfield. The best strategy for this weapon is to destroy the shield with a better-rank weapon in that field and then decimate the hull with this tank of a gun.

Vanguard Obliterator Auto-Projector

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The Vanguard Obliterator Auto-Projector is a fantastic weapon to add to your ship, with hull and shield damage per second of 11. That’s not what makes it unique, though, as it is the fire rate that creates a name for itself. A fire rate of 6.65, matched with a range of 3000 meters, allows for your ship to take enemy ships out from afar before they even recognize your location. Better yet, the weapon isn’t even that expensive, costing only 11,280 credits. Finally, the Obliterator allows you to stack the gun with a max power of two, leading to higher damage output.

- This article was updated on November 6th, 2023

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