Starfield Targeting Control Systems Leveling Guide | Fastest Ways to Destroy Ships in Targeting Mode

The fastest way to destroy ships and level up Targeting Control Systems in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Level Targeting Control System Fast in Starfield
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The Targeting Control Systems perk in Starfield is necessary, allowing you to slow down time and target specific parts of an enemy ship. Once you unlock the perk, you must destroy 50 enemy ships using targeting mode to reach rank 4. This guide will cover the fastest way to destroy ships in targeting mode and the best places to find ships to destroy.

How to Destroy Ships Fast For Targeting Control Systems Perk in Starfield

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For the best place and fastest way to find ships to destroy in Starfield, go to the flight simulator in the Mast Tower of the Mast District of New Atlantis. To find the Mast Tower, land at the spaceport that says Mast District. Once here, you can use the Vanguard Pilot Simulator by heading into the elevator and selecting the floor that states “Vanguard Pilot Simulator.”

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If the Pilot Simulator is not available for you, you need to join the UC Vanguard by speaking to Commander Tuala at the front desk of Mast Tower.

Head inside the simulator and sit in the cockpit. Now, you will be put up against waves of enemy ships, where you can use the targeting system throughout the simulation. This counts as destroyed ships for leveling the Targeting Control System, meaning you can continuously do this as much as you’d like until you reach rank 4.

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Another method you could do is the Freestar Rangers job board in The Rock of Akila City. A Crimson Fleet Mission is always available on the job board, where your objective is to destroy enemy ships. Repeating these missions and using targeting mode will have you leveling up your Targeting Control System perk in no time.

If you decide to go the Freestar Rangers job board route, you will need strong weapons to get the job done. I highly recommend you choose a missile launcher, which is generally the strongest ship weapon and provides the quickest way to destroy enemy ships. A turret will also work fine. You can buy new weapons for your ship from a Ship Technician.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2023

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