Stray Mysterious Password: How to Find the Slums Safe Code

This code is a wild goose chase.

by Noah Nelson


The Slums are a sprawling micro-city in Stray that can seem a lot bigger than it is, especially if you are a cat. There are secrets and little collectibles around every corner including a mysterious Slums safe code. This mysterious safe is found to the right of the musician and has a strange coded message that needs deciphering. Here is how to crack the mysterious Slums safe code in Stray.

How to Solve the Slums Safe Code

If you have acquired the safe’s mysterious password, you know that the note says “follows the numbers” and is written in binary. If you show the note to anyone in town, they’ll say that it is a very old code that only nerds can crack. With that hint in mind, you’ll need to head over to Elliot Programming.

After reading street signs, locating Elliot Programming, scratching the door, and slipping up to the second floor, talk to Elliot and show him the note. He will decode the message and tell you that it says “DUFER BAR.” Enter the bar, which is accessed in the center of the Slums just before the Guardian.

Once you are inside the first floor of the bar, you’ll see a neon sign propped up against the wall on the bar. Hop up to it and interact with the painting on the wall. You’ll knock the painting off and reveal that the safe code is “1283.”

Return to the mysterious safe in the Slums and enter the code. The reward is the “Unreadable sheet music” that the musician can somehow read. Well done, you’ve cracked the Slums safe code!

If you’re struggling to find the other collectibles required to progress in Stray, we’ve got you covered. Whether it is the Outsider notebooks, any door and safe codesthe music sheetsthe energy drinks, or anything else, we’ve got the guides for you. For more help on all things Stray, check out our Stray page.

Stray is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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