Where to Find All Music Sheet in Stray | All Music Sheet Locations

Find out how to hear the music in Stray with this guide on where to find all of the Music Sheets!

by Shaun Cichacki


As you make your way through the world of Stray, you’ll want to make sure that you’re ready to collect as many objects as possible. You’ll be able to find anything from Energy Drink Cans, to different memories to give to your robot pal B-12.

However, you may be lost on where to find all of the music sheets that appear in the game. Thankfully, we have you covered so you can continue on your quest to be the best cat you can be, so let’s get right into it and find all of the music in the game!

Where to Find All Music Sheets in Stray

There are 8 music sheets in total as you make your way through this game, so make sure that you’re ready to traverse the world more than ever before!

Music Sheet #1 – Near Momo’s Apartment

  • Near the bar, jump up onto the air conditioner and make your way upward until you reach a balcony.
  • Enter the closest room.
  • Once you are inside of the room, climb through the small window in the room, near the trash bag.
  • Find the cardboard boxes and jump on them, you’ll be near a shelf with the music sheet on it.

Music Sheet #2 – Elliot’s Apartment

  • Near Grandma, you’ll see two robots huddled under blankets, and to their right, a door with some posters on it will be available to scratch.
  • Scratch the door, until someone opens the door for your
  • Go inside and search for a giant painting, where you’ll find the next music sheet.

Music Sheet #3 – The Barterer

  • If you head to the north of The Slums, you’ll come across a character named Azooz, who is known as The Barterer
  • You’ll need to give him 1 Energy Drink to claim this
  • Follow along with our Guide to find where an Energy Drink is
  • Trade them One Can for the Music Sheet

Music Sheet #4 – The Bar

  • Make your way back to the bar where you and Momo made contact with his friends
  • You’ll want to take the stairs and make your way up
  • Once you have made it upstairs, you’ll find a music sheet on the table
  • Take it for another music sheet completion

Music Sheet #5 – The Safe in the Alley

  • Make your way back towards the section where you found The Barterer
  • Take a left, and walk down the street until you find an alleyway, past The Musician
  • You’ll spot a small safe with a sticky note on it, grab the note
  • Either solve the puzzle, which is also covered in our Energy Drink Guide, or use the code 1283 to open the safe

Music Sheet #6 – In the Library

  • Climb your way up the buildings, and search for a Glowing Blue Block, where you found one of the Notebooks
  • You’ll want to enter this room and search for a Piano
  • Once you have found it, jump on top and claim the music sheet

Music Sheet #7 – Outside Clementine’s Apartment

  • Stay on the roof and make your way toward Clementine’s Apartment
  • Once you are there, look for the plastic chairs and table
  • Jump onto the table, and claim the music sheet

Music Sheet #8 – Inside Clementine’s Apartment

  • Enter Clementine’s Apartment
  • Find the large stack of books, and climb up
  • Find the final sheet of music

And there we have it! All of the music sheets in the game, which are all located on the same map of the game. You’ll find all of them directly in The Slums, so you won’t need to go too far to get them. If you’re loving Stray so far, make sure you’re checking out our Stray Guide Section, where we cover plenty of other topics in the game, such as how long the game takes to complete, how to get the game for free on PlayStation Plus, as well as PC specs so you can make sure that you can run the game flawlessly!

Stray is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

- This article was updated on July 20th, 2022

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