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Sunset Overdrive Chaos Mode Guide

by William Schwartz


The Sunset Overdrive Chaos Mode is the cooperative multiplayer mode that has players competing with and against each other in various challenges that raise the chaos level, culminating in a night defense against hordes of OD. We have put together a general guide to take on the hordes of OD that you will face and abilities that can be helpful as you do so.


Always prepare with a setup of Overdrives and Amps that will help you take on the OD. Extra OD damage, automatic weapon damage and others are extremely helpful. Some specific Overdrives to think about equipping as well are Burn Baby, which can create an area of effect that sets enemies on fire. OD are susceptible to fire. Bear Force One, which can turn defeated enemies into a TNT teddy. On the same point Fire Damage is a good overdrive to invest in as well. A key Amp to think about equipping if you have unlocked it, is the Spread The Love amp which creates a healing trail that your co-op partners can piggy back on and heal them as you are traversing the world. It’s more of a helpful amp and not one that directly effects the player character other than taking an amp slot though.

Amp Your OD Killing Weapons

Stock your most powerful AMPS within the OD killing weapons, the High Fidelity, The Flaming Compensator and the Roman Candle to name a few heavy OD damage dealing ones. You will want to equip some automatic weapon damage Overdrive’s as well, as mentioned above. As it seems most of the OD damage weapons are automatics.

Pick Your Traps Ahead Of Time

Prepare your traps going into the Chaos mode so you know which ones you want to put down when the time comes. Watch what everyone else is putting down as well. If there is an over-abundance of blade traps, you will want to put something else down like freeze traps. Blade traps, and BBQ traps are effective against the OD as well as turrets.

Have Fun During Challenges

Challenges are the lighter part of the Chaos Mode but are still meaningful. As long as you are active and participating in helping the group, just have a fun time. Vote depending on what you think your group can handle if your playing with friends. After every challenge you will gain Chaos and sometimes even health to the vats that you will be protecting.

That’s our quick guide for the Sunset Overdrive Chaos Mode. Hope you enjoyed, be sure to check out our basic Sunset Overdrive tips as well.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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