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Super Mario Maker 2: How to Break Grey Blocks

Super Mario 3D World levels have some extra surprises.

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario Maker 2 introduces a ton of new mechanics to the standard platforming formula. It feels like every new level in the single player Story Mode has something fresh to throw at you. One of the earliest you encounter are grey blocks that block off lots of things in each of the Super Mario 3D World levels. These things are key to some of the highest coin rewards, but to break them you need to get pretty far into the game. Here’s how to break grey blocks in Super Mario Maker 2.

How to Break Grey Blocks

The answer is the Super Hammer, a very important powerup that turns Mario into Builder Mario. This special ability is the only way that you can break through those grey blocks that are found in almost every 3D World flavored level in Super Mario Maker 2. Of course, these things don’t just pop up when you need them. You actually have to unlock the ability before you can even think of cracking into those special areas of these levels. Thankfully we’re here to help in this regard as well, with another guide telling you how to unlock the Super Hammer.

Once you have it you can head back to these earlier levels and press minus to pull up the helper item menu. Here you find all those useful powerups that will let you get through tougher levels or particularly tricky spots. Whenever you play a level with these grey blocks you can use the Super Hammer to bust through them. The best thing to do is just go back and replay all the 3D World levels in the Story Mode, since most have somewhere with the grey blocks in your way in some capacity. Load them up, find the spot, hit minus, pick the Super Hammer, turn into Builder Mario, then press Y to break them and get to those sweet coin rewards.

And that’s how to break grey blocks in Super Mario Maker 2.

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