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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Do Palutena’s Guidance Easter Egg

Get Palutena's Guidance for the entire Smash roster.

by William Schwartz


Like other Smash Bros. games, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has some Easter Eggs to uncover.  This one in particular will allow you to get Palutena’s insight on the characters of Smash through the eyes of her and Pit.  To perform the Palutena’s Guidance Easter Egg you will need to do a couple of very specific things.  The first is to select the right stage.  The second is to select the right character.  And the third is to make a very quick button press to unlock the Easter Egg.  This guide to Palutena’s Guidance will go over all three things.

You can perform Palutena’s Guidance against the CPU or against other players.  You can do it in Training Mode, Versus, or Classic modes as well.  What you don’t need is to have all of the characters (Palutena, specifically) to do Palutena’s Guidance.  You do not need to be in any specific area to do this.

Pick Palutena’s Temple and Pit as your character

What you will need to do is have the stage selected as Palutena’s Temple on Normal.  You’ll also need to have Pit as your selected character.  (Dark Pit does not work for this).  You can then perform a quick down taunt at any point in time, at any place on the map to start getting Palutena’s Guidance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The most important part of being able to get Palutena’s Guidance is doing the button press.  Just pressing the down taunt won’t do.  It must be pressed very quickly.  This does not mean spamming the button.  You will just want to press the button as quickly as possible.

A tip for doing this is to rest the down taunt button under your finger nail.  Don’t press the button with your thumb, rather just try to click it down with your nail by moving your thumb down across the button.  This will almost always work.  You’ll know that it works as Pit will not do his normal down taunt.  Instead he’ll kneel down and then Palutena will appear at the bottom of the screen to give you a description of the character that you are fighting.

The advice that she gives is pretty good insight as to what will work or not work against this character.  Once you do the guidance once, you cannot do it again in the same match or training session.  You will need to back out and then reload the same character to hear it again, or select a new character to get new guidance from Palutena.

- This article was updated on:December 9th, 2018

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