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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Use Amiibo and What do they do

You bought them all, now it's time to use them.

by Kyle Hanson


The Super Smash Bros. series is intrinsically tied to amiibo. Ever since the toys-to-life figures debuted, with a massive roster of characters from the SSB franchise, that connection has remained. Now, with a new SSB game out, amiibo are once again playing a huge role in the experience. But little has been said about what they do and how you can use them. To help out, here’s our guide on how to use amiibo and what they do in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Amiibo in SSBU act pretty similarly to how they did on Wii U and 3DS. By scanning characters into the game you can create a new fighter who you can train and build to become a true master. This is the same thing you could do in the previous titles, so veterans should know exactly what to do from here.

If you’re new, just head to the Games & More section of the main menu. Once there you should see the amiibo option. Select it and you can now scan in any amiibo you’d like. Just press it to the right analog stick on either the Pro Controller or the right Joy-Con. This will add that character to the game as a trainable amiibo fighter. At least, this is the case for the Super Smash Bros. series of amiibo. Other figures will do different things, mostly unlocking additional Spirits in the game.

For the Smash series amiibo, once the fighter is in the game you need to train them. Do battle against them regularly and they will learn from those matches, becoming a stronger fighter every time. You can even take the amiibo fighter with you to other players’ games, if you’d like.

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