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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Use Final Smash

How to pull off those awesome moves.

by Kyle Hanson


The Final Smash is the ultimate and most powerful move in all of SSBU. Added way back on the Wii with Brawl, Final Smash was a contentious new item, but fans quickly took to it for more fun matches. Of course, to use it effectively, you need to understand it’s somewhat complex mechanics. We’ve broken down some of this before, but here’s an overall guide on how to use Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

First off, Final Smash is often turned off by many players. If you’re playing online or in a Versus match and don’t see the Final Smash ball appear, this is likely the case. Just head into the Items menu and make sure it is turned on, if you are wanting to use it. Once this is done, at random times during a match you will see the ball appear in the air.

Now is the time to strike. You need to be the one to break the ball in order to gain the ability to use your Final Smash. If you do, you will begin to glow, meaning your FS is ready for use. We broke this moment down right here, so if you want an in-depth guide on performing your attack click that link. It’s pretty simple though, so here are the basics.

Your Final Smash is a near-guaranteed KO on whatever opponent you hit with it. Once you have broken the ball and gained the Final Smash ability you just need to press B to activate it. Be sure you aren’t pressing the analog stick in any particular direction though, as that will alter your attack to not be your Final Smash.

Of course, the answer to “How to Use Final Smash in SSBU” varies depending on the character you are using. Some have range, some attack the entire stage, others hit whomever is right in front of them. Figure out how it works for the character you chose by going into Practice Mode, if you need to. Basically you just want to be near other characters and facing them when you hit B to use your Final Smash. If successful there should be an awesome animation and the characters should be KO’d by the hit, though some can recover if they haven’t taken too much damage.

And that’s the basics of how to use Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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