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Tales of Arise: How to Remove Outfits

These aren't the mods you're looking for.

by Andron Smith


While changing outfits in Tales of Arise is pretty straightforward, it’s not as clear how to remove outfits once applied. There are quite a lot of outfits and other cosmetic items in the game that can be earned by rescuing owls or getting the DLC and with that comes a good amount of customization for each of the six playable characters. Understandably, it’s easy to grow tired of these choices or simply not want to see that gun you bought any longer so you’ll want to remove them. Here’s everything we know on how to remove outfits in Tales of Arise.

How to Remove Outfits in Tales of Arise

To remove outfits in Tales of Arise, you’ll need to head to the outfits option from the main menu. If you want to remove a hairstyle or body armor, you can’t. You’ll need to instead select a different outfit or hairstyle and more are unlocked throughout the game for you to pick from. If the accessories or weapon skin are not to your liking, select them then press X or Square on the controller or the delete key if playing with the keyboard and mouse. See below for an additional cool thing you can do with some of the accessories.

A Little Color Goes a Long Way

Almost every accessory earned in-game has a few different color choices to pick from. After selecting the accessory you want to use, you can press the change color button (Y or Triangle on controller or G on keyboard) to view the different choices. While not super varied, it can make or break an outfit you’re trying to put together so customize to your heart’s content.

Tales of Arise is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out the rest of our Tales of Arise guides while you’re here!

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