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Tales Of Berseria Guide: How To Perform Mystic Artes & Switch Blasts

by Mike Guarino


While we’ve already talked about all of the mayhem you can cause by using Soul Break in Tales of Berseria’s combat, you have the potential to take that mayhem even higher with Mystic Artes. These are are ultra-powerful attacks that are performed with a special and stylistic animation, and they usually mean bad news for whoever you unleash one on. This guide will teach you how to pull off these powerful moves to devastate your enemies.

Break Soul is a move that consumed the Soul Gauge in order to pull off, but Mystic Artes are moves that consume the Blast Gauge. Mystic Artes consume 3 or more BG (Blast Gauge) in order to perform, which is the number that you’ll see next to your character’s portraits at the bottom of the screen. Once you have at least 3 BG you can hit the L2 button during a combo and your character will pull off a Mystic Arte. While this will drain your BG, dealing and taking damage will refill it and allow you to perform another Mystic Arte as time goes on.

Next up we have the Switch Blasts, which allow you to swap in another character for one of your four current fighters. All you have to do is highlight the character that you want to take out of battle with the cursor at the bottom of the screen, then press either up or down on the d-pad that is matched to the character you want to switch to. The character that you switch to will have an additional soul, and will also pull off a powerful attack as they enter the battle. The following is a list of each character’s Switch Blast moves:

  • Velvet – Grievous Slash
  • Laphicet – Seer’s Storm
  • Rokurou – Eluding Strike
  • Magilou – Magilou’s Paradise
  • Eizen – Road of Survival
  • Eleanor – Break Roll

Performing Switch Blasts will be something that you’ll want to do regularly, as they’re a great way to remove injured characters from battle while also dealing some quick damage to your enemies. It also ensures that you’ll use all of the six characters rather than just the four allowed in battle, which you’ll want to do considering that each of the characters are useful in combat.

This should get you all up to speed on how to perform Mystic Artes and Switch Blasts, which will go a long way in ensuring that you’re competent in any of the battles that the game presents you. Berseria’s combat has a lot hectic action going on at once, so utilizing all of the game’s tricks is essential to success.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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