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Temtem Gone with the Sillaro Quest Guide – Pendant Location

The missing pendant requires some extra gear to locate.

by Diego Perez


The world of Temtem is filled with various optional side quests that you can take on at any time, but one early side quest in particular has some players searching all over for a solution. A lady named Clara in the starting town of Zadar gives you a quest called Gone with the Sillaro, which tasks you with finding a lost pendant. The pendant actually can’t be found until you get an item later in the game, so don’t bother tearing up the town in search of it when you first start out. This guide will show you how to get the item you need and where to find the pendant.

Where is the Pendant Located?

The pendant is located just off the coast of Brical de Mar, but you’ll need a Surfboard to access the right area. You’ll get a Surfboard by beating the game’s first dojo in Arissola, so just keep playing until you get it. Once you have a Surfboard, cross the Sillaro River on the right side of Brical de Mar and look for a small beach. The beach isn’t very hard to find. It’s just across from the docks. If you’re having trouble finding the pendant, just make your way to the position on the map below.


If you see some sparks in the sand, you’re in the right spot. Interact with the sparks to receive the pendant, and bring the pendant back to Claire in Zadar to get a Technique Card for Tsunami.

How to Get a Surfboard in Temtem

We outlined the process of obtaining a Surfboard in Temtem in one of our other guides, but we’ll still recap the basics for you here anyway. From Brical de Mar, head north through the Thalassian Cliffs until you reach the town of Arissola. You’ll need to beat the town’s dojo to get a Surfboard, but Sophia, the dojo leader, is nowhere to be found.

To get Sophia back in the dojo, you’ll have to make a trip to the Windward Fort, which can be accessed by exiting Arissola to the north and following the Gifted Bridges. It’s a lengthy route with tons of tamers waiting to battle, so be sure to stock up on supplies at the Temporium before you head you. Battle your way through the Windward Fort and Sophia will return to the Arissola dojo.

Then, just defeat her in battle and she’ll give you your very own Surfboard.

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