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Temtem Guide – How to Evolve your Temtem

What level to hit and other stuff

by Kyle Hanson


If you want to fill out your collection of Temtem and gather data on all the multitude of species available to catch and battle in the game, you need to understand evolution. This mechanic, adopted from the franchises and series that inspired Crema to create the newly released MMORPG, is key to becoming the best player you can, with the strongest team of Temtem at your disposal. But as a new franchise, players are wondering how everything works. So here’s how to evolve your Temtem.

How to Evolve your Temtem

First, a warning. This is a bit too early for all the details of evolving your Temtem as the game is still in Early Access and a lot of this can change. Also this means that currently we’re still discovering elements of the game and its mechanics, so be sure to let us know if we get anything wrong. With that said, we’ll share as much as we can and keep this article updated as the game works its way to full release in 2021. So, how do you evolve Temtem? All the ones we currently know about use the tried and true method of certain level caps.

Most creatures in Temtem need to be leveled up a certain amount of times, in most cases seven levels, before they will evolve. For example Crystle, one of the starter Temtem, will evolve into Sherald at level 30. The more you use it in battle, the quicker you’ll hit this level, and the sooner it will evolve. However, this isn’t the only thing to keep in mind in regards to evolution in this new game.

Many Temtem follow the usual formula of hitting a certain level then evolving into Stage 2 or possibly Stage 3 versions of that species. Some Temtem lack further stages though and will never evolve, so watch for more on that as we dig into the game. However others have even more complexity to them such as Meta-mimetic Tetem which can evolve into different final forms depending on certain conditions. We’ll break these down once they’re fully discovered and fleshed out.

So that’s what we know now about how to evolve your Temtem. There’s lots more to discover as the game gets updated and the deeper mechanics are added in. Be sure to check back for more as this develops.

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