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Temtem – How to Add Friends

Add people to your list to more easily interact with them in the future.

by Brandon Adams


You may have heard by now, but Temtem is a creature-collecting MMO that, unlike it’s nearest competitor, allows you to group up and play with friends. The game doesn’t import your existing Steam friends list, so you need to go about adding friends in-game. The process isn’t too difficult, so long as you know your pal’s name.

Open the menu with Escape, and select the icon of two people standing to access the Friends interface.

From here you will see an empty interface, with TamerSearch at the top. This is your ticket to ride, so to speak. Click on this and input your friend’s name (no need for the numbers; just the name). Assuming you entered it correctly, their profile portrait will appear. Clicking on this will bring up a menu that allows you to inspect them, perform trades, and invite them to a two player co-op session.

To add them as a friend click on the icon with a plus symbol next to the co-op option. You’ll send them an invite, which they will receive in their notifications menu. Clicking control or accessing the notification menu from the main menu will allow them to accept your friend request. Once they have done so, their profile will be permanently added to your friends list. You can then return to the Friends interface to once again open their profile and interact with them. If you wish to remove someone, just click on the friend invite icon again (now with a minus symbol).


- This article was updated on:February 4th, 2020

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