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Temtem – How to Play Co-op

Bring a friend along on your journey across the Airborne Archipelago.

by Brandon Adams


Unlike Pokemon, Crema’s Temtem allows all aspiring monster collectors the chance to capture cute critters via co-op with a friend. The game doesn’t exactly tell you how to do this, however, and it’s not as simple as interacting with that person in the field.

Open the menu with Escape, and highlight the icon of two people standing next to each other to access the co-op options.

Under this menu you will see two highlighted prompts – Interact and Friends. Selecting Interact will bring up a list of all nearby Temtem trainers, and Friends will bring up a list of all the trainers you have added as friends (Temtem does not utilize your Steam friends list, so you need to add people manually, which I’ll describe below).

If you don’t want to play with anyone nearby, or don’t have any friends registered, you can select TamerSearch at the top of either menu. From here you need to enter the name of the person you plan to play with (the numbers in their name are not required). Once you locate that person a portrait and name will appear in the menu, and clicking on it will bring up the interface shown in the photo atop this article. As you can see, there are a few options here. Co-op is clearly labeled on the bottom right, next to the icon for adding (or removing) that person as your friend.

Word to the wise, though: you need to be near someone to invite them to a co-op session, usually in the same area of the map. Also, the game seems a bit touchy distinguishing between when a player is busy or not, so the easiest way to get the co-op to function is to go to the same Temporium and send the invite from there. If you are the person receiving the co-op invitation keep an eye out for a notification on the upper-left of the screen. You can open and accept the invite with the Ctrl key. Once accepted you’ll be in a two-person party with your pal.

Some parting tips: you will both field three of your Temtem, so the first three in your roster are who you’ll bring into battle. You can also swap your Temtem out with your partner’s in battle, but you can’t control them (and vice versa). Now go out, and kick some cuddly Temtem ass with your friend!


- This article was updated on:February 4th, 2020

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