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Temtem – How to Change Techniques

Be ready for any encounter with the right techniques.

by Brandon Adams


Techniques are the abilities a Temtem learns as it levels, and they all contribute to your overall success as a Temtem tamer. While a Temtem can only use four techniques at a time, it never forgets older abilities. Swapping them around is also absurdly simple.

In the Details page for a Temtem you can freely swap techniques around.

You read that correctly: Crema has made altering your Temtem’s loadout of active abilities as easy as opening their profile. This menu can be accessed either by clicking Tab/Escape and selecting Squad, or by right-clicking a Temtem in your storage at a Temporium and choosing the Details option. The Squad option is available no matter where you are, so you can alter a Temtem’s loadout of the fly.

How so, you may be asking? Do you need an item, or do you have to unlearn an active technique? No to both. All a tamer needs to do is click on the Learned Technique they want to use, and drag it into the slot they want it in. The abilities will swap places, and ta-da!

There is absolutely no penalty for altering techniques, so as long as a Temtem knows the technique you can freely swap it around. This means abilities learned via items should be learned on any Temtem that has the ability to do so: you can always swap the technique back out, and keep it stored for later.

Essentially, tamers can prepare for any encounter without having to return to a Temporium or hording a pile of required items. Just pop into the Details menu, and alter your squad as required. How’s that for quality of life?

- This article was updated on:February 4th, 2020

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