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Temtem – How to Use and Where to Get EXP Share (Coward’s Cloak)

The aptly named item makes the game easier

by Kyle Hanson


If you’re a Pokemon fan then you’re already well acquainted with EXP Share. The controversial feature was introduced long ago and has become a bigger and bigger part of the franchise ever since. Temtem has taken a lot of inspiration from the venerable Nintendo series, including the inclusion of EXP Share, but it pulls back on some of the more recent changes. The biggest is that while Sword and Shield just have it on by default, in Temtem you have to find an item called the Coward’s Cloak and specifically decide to use it. Here’s how to use EXP Share in Temtem, with the Coward’s Cloak item.

How to Use EXP Share

Yes, it’s called the Coward’s Cloak and you can take from that that the makers of Temtem are well aware of the controversy surrounding the very idea of EXP Share. The feature makes for a much easier time in the campaign and in training Temtem as XP is shared with a Temtem who didn’t participate in the battle, as long as they’re wearing the Coward’s Cloak. To do this just equip the item on whichever Temtem you want to power up and you’re all set. This helps level up lesser used Temtem, but also lets you not really use them while you train them up, without going as far as Pokemon where the whole team benefits. So whether you want to use it or not is up to you, but here’s where to get the Coward’s Cloak.

Where to Get EXP Share (Coward’s Cloak)

First off, if you want the Coward’s Cloak to enable EXP Share in Temtem then you need to have the surfboard, so keep playing the campaign at least until then. Once you’re ready just head to the Windward Fort and trek all the way to the bottom of the map. There you’ll find an area with water and the Sillaro River to the left, head through that door then turn north and follow the left side of the patch of rocks until you make it to the central island. In the sand at the northern tip you will find the Coward’s Cloak EXP Share item.

And that’s how to use EXP Share and where to get the Coward’s Cloak in Temtem.

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